The Fresh Batch

If you’ve followed me long enough then already know that I’ve never in my life thought of chili as a cold weather dish. No way! It’s far too delicious to make only during the cold months of which we really don’t get in Las Vegas. As compared to my home state of Michigan, no way!

I’ve had a pound of beef in the fridgy for a couple days now, staring at me every time that door opens. It was whispering make chili with me! I finally caved in and obeyed the meat. It’s Friday night, time to ice up some cold ones. And they are chillin’ right now!

And always remember – beer and chili make an explosive combination! Time to raise the sheets…

Such A Beautiful Morning…

A perfect morning for my quick walk, still under one hundred degrees, sunny with a light breeze. No plans for today, I accomplished some needful things yesterday but to be honest, being what I term semi-retired can be a bit tough. I’ve heard others say they became bored. I’m not completely bored, just a little bit. It’s nice to spend time as I please!

I’m not traveling this month at all due to being cheap, it’s been a tight month in terms of money and I’d like to keep eating! My new truck has a larger appetite than the little car did, with two more cylinders to feed which means more dollars in that thirty-plus gallon fuel tank. But I love my new truck, I’m a truck man at heart, always have been, always will be!

All photos are from the iPhone7

The Sensor

Silly photo really. I snapped this image yesterday whilst waiting for the sun to drop behind the mountains for a sunset shot. But without clouds, the sunset photos just aren’t the same. This temperature sensor is from circa 2006 and has seen many very bitter Michigan winters, temperatures well below nill. Now, it swelters in my Mojave Desert heat!!

Not Sure Yet It’s A Record But…

Just now I checked two Las Vegas news websites, both reported a temperature of 116 degrees which might break last year’s record of 115 degrees (I think). In any case, that’s bloody hot and plain old dangerous to be working in. Yet, I’ve seen the Grounds workers out working today around my apartment. Good Lord. How do these dudes handle it?

All of them are Mexican as are many others working for the myriad of lawn and garden services in the valley. I mean nothing racial in any way, shape or form about these men, to be clear. I sincerely appreciate the fact that there are locals that can work in these brutal heat conditions, called Excessive Heat Warnings. I’m a prisoner in my apartment!

I scammed this image from Twitter because it’s true! 🌴☀️🔥😉

Three Drinker

Well, my wonderful bicycle is back home, have bike will ride! On my ride today I went through a school playground since the gate was open. I’ve never seen a drinking fountain like this and used the iPhone7 and the Lenka application for this photo. It was just a thirty minute ride with ninety degrees air temperature, and sixteen percent humidity. Nice! going to make me get off that couch for an everyday ride now! Couch Potato.

Three Drinker, not to be confused with Free Thinker!