The Big Puff

Following up from yesterday’s video about the severe storms in the area, I aimed the Nikon toward Heaven for this fab cloud photo! Flash Flood advisories are in place already for today so I hope the valley gets some rain in my location for a change! Give your local clouds some appreciation today!

Click me, I look better bigger!

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Monsoonal Clouds Over The Spring Mountains

Three quickies with the Nikon from today. The next few days will supposedly bring us more rain to Las Vegas Valley, I sure hope so! I really miss those soaking Thunderstorms in Michigan. But not the snow. I had a nice chat with my upstairs neighbour lady this afternoon, her and her boyfriend are from Montana and have been here for a couple years. They are considering moving back north as the Vegas summers seem to be too much for these Yanks. But I’m a Yank too but one who loves the desert heat.

I hope they don’t move as they have been good neighbours for a year now, even with two active dogs. I uploaded a video earlier today of the storms drifting very slowly eastward, it was nice to ear the thunder which isn’t audible on the video. I really want one of these gully washers to dump rain on my place! I hope you like the photos.  😆

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Lenticular Puff

I was parked in the desert earlier today working on my new CB radio antenna, getting it tuned up when I spotted these great looking clouds to my northeast. They are both Lenticular and um, Nimbus? Sorry, not sure of the name of the puffy clouds! In any case, they look nice together. The Monsoon weather continues to keep our humidity up just a bit and the afternoon high temperature down today, it’s not even one hundred degrees today!

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Palms, Puff & Angry Clouds

These photos were all taken today with the Nikon. The B&W version has obviously been tampered with but those dark clouds are real. Monsoon Season is in full swing and we are getting the usual popup afternoon clouds. Hopefully we’ll get that much needed rain today. Oh, I spent $180 bucks to get the damned dents removed from my truck today. I despise dented metal!

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Monsoonal Clouds

The Monsoon Season is in full swing here in Las Vegas as you can see by these photos. I just wish those stupid wires weren’t in the photos! And Photoshop and I have never worked well together. I’m enjoying a bit of Convalescing this morning after my back went out in a big and bad way two days ago. Yesterday was better but today I’m a bit more tender.

Anyway, the TV has scrolled Flash Flood Warnings all morning, and Severe Thunderstorm Warnings last night yet not a damn drop of rain has been seen by yours truly at my location. Weather here is weird as compared to Michigan. I can’t read the clouds as well as I can in Michigan but when there’s even a slight bit of moisture in the air, it’s super easy to smell since it’s always so dry here with humidity levels well below twenty five percent being normal. I like it too! I’m back later today.

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