Such A Beautiful Morning…

A perfect morning for my quick walk, still under one hundred degrees, sunny with a light breeze. No plans for today, I accomplished some needful things yesterday but to be honest, being what I term semi-retired can be a bit tough. I’ve heard others say they became bored. I’m not completely bored, just a little bit. It’s nice to spend time as I please!

I’m not traveling this month at all due to being cheap, it’s been a tight month in terms of money and I’d like to keep eating! My new truck has a larger appetite than the little car did, with two more cylinders to feed which means more dollars in that thirty-plus gallon fuel tank. But I love my new truck, I’m a truck man at heart, always have been, always will be!

All photos are from the iPhone7

Run Chicken Run!

My complex always has plenty of pigeon action, some are rather tame and allow you to get darn close. They are harmless birds for the most part but of course they shit on things too. But they also eat some of the garbage that a few lazy pigs leave on the ground around here too! I was walking to my ten minute walk in the clubhouse this morning when I heard a loud boom!

I knew what it was, a plastic drink bottle that a passenger van ran over. Nice… But no complaints! I’m grateful for my life as it is today, things could be so much worse. Life is good in my very hot desert! Sorry about the Portrait perspective, not my usual format…


Two versions of this airbrush image that was gifted to me around 1996. The cropped version without the custom wood frame let’s you read more of the details. If you believe in Jesus as Lord, this image will please you. It’s 109 degrees just now, too hot for me to be outdoors for very long but I did manage a couple brief walks earlier today. Click a photo for a better view.