The Eastbound Canadian National

I shot this video while in Michigan briefly this August for my daughter’s wedding reception. I’ve always loved trains from when I was very young. I recall a trip our family made by car in the mid 1960’s where I saw several trains along the way. I can still to this day see them in my mind!

The persistence of memory! I also remember being on the beach somewhere in Florida too.

But I was hooked on trains and over the years have met many other Train Spotters along the way, some of which I am still friends with today. This has me wondering though, why the hell can’t I remember things from three days ago but do remember 1966?

By the way, whilst I have your attention I’d like your opinion on this site. Specifically the sidebar. Do you scan the sidebar while here? If so, is it helpful or interesting? Or, do you think this site would be better without the distraction of a sidebar? Thanks for your comment on this, I appreciate it. I’m sort of rebranding this site to a Photography site since it’s been so prevalent lately.

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The Traditional Cake-In-The-Face!

You’ve got to see my daughter get cake faced! She got her husband good but doesn’t want to be on the receiving end! This was such a joy for me to see and record too, I miss her and my son so much. I’ve got to figure out how to send it to her via email as stupid Google allows only 25mb or so for maximum file size. Really Google? Seems mighty cheesy to me!


Departing Flint Bishop

Three and a half minutes of video here, no worries if you don’t want to see it all but should you really like commercial aviation then you’ll appreciate this video. How awesome is it that we can take a 100 tonne aircraft and thrust it eight miles above the Earth?

iPhone On A Pole

I have a Monopod that doesn’t get a lot of use, so why not pop the iPhone on top of it putting my phone above the roof of my truck in Calico Basin. Just a passing thought brought to fruition but be warned, please turn your audio to full mute! Video wind noise sucks…

Do The Hustle

I can only assume that some of my 400+ followers can remember the 1970’s yet I’ve been listening to many videos stored on my Mac Pro since the awesome storage space upgrade since my old Mac kicked the bucket. In any case, I can remember with very specific clarity the 1970’s and my High School years which were at times clouded with the scent of Pot.

I have always maintained that Disco Music and its dance craze died an untimely death due to politically correct bullshit and general social pressures. And if you were born in the year 1960 as I was, can you sincerely offer a realistic response to a much better vanished time gone away?