The Colourful Canyon

Here are eleven more favourites from yesterday’s jaunt around the Red Rock Canyon area. These photos are near to Red Rock Canyon but not the canyon proper. Two or three of these photos are possibly some of my best yet as an amateur photographer. I’m heading out soon for more photos!

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A Crazy Horse Barn

I was in Calico Basin again yesterday and spotted this colourful barn again. I’d seen it before but this time I used the 70-300mm lens to zoom up close on it for the shot. I cropped this image way down to focus on the barn area. I think this property is for sale. I say good luck selling it as it’s a property better suited to folks who love horses, being located basically almost in the middle of nowhere.

Of course there’s nothing wrong with being an equine enthusiast! But if you desire high speed internet, quick access to shopping and freeways then this isn’t your best choice! Well, it’s seven AM and I’ve not decided what I’m going to do today. Ol’ Johnnies’ cupboards are lookin’ mighty empty the last couple days but I’m not starving yet so a visit the the grocer may not be on the menu for today.

I’m more interested in that trip to the southeast side of the valley and then on to Hoover Dam today than filling my pantry. But first let’s have a look at that bank account shall we? Click the pic.

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My Travels Today:

Here are just fourteen photos of many more I snapped today with the Nikon. It’s been such a fantastic day, there’s no way I’m gonna be a couch potato all day! I drove southbound to the south end of the valley, then returned home via Charleston Boulevard as it passes through Red Rock Canyon. To be clear, Red Rock Canyon proper as I understand it, lies inside the BLM area which is a U.S. Fee area. Want in, you gotta pay but locals get a slight discount as we do in other places in Las Vegas.

Actually, the BLM is responsible for maintaining the entire area around the canyon. It’s the normal thing to see both the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police cruising the canyon as well as the Park Rangers. I’ve never seen an NSP car out there though, even after living here for four years. Those park rangers carry as much authority as the NSP and BLM police. By the way, if you love to drive well over the speed limits, don’t do that in the canyon! They hide in perfect places to bust you!

I had just passed Blue Diamond, rounded the long sweeping corner and crested the hill. Guess who was waiting in plain sight this time? Yep, a park ranger pickup truck. Such a great spot to wait as he is at the bottom of a small hill on the canyon floor, there’s no way you’ll see him until your directly in his radar gun sight. Your busted! But the speed limit of fifty miles per hour is the same all the way through this seven or eight mile drive. Why? Best guess: most drivers will drive fifty five MPH.

Anyway, not much on tap for tomorrow except that I am considering taking a drive to the east side of the Strip and looking around that area of the valley. I’m familiar with the northeast but not so much the southeast area and the Lake Las Vegas area. Then I would drive to Hoover Dam. I haven’t been down there in at least two months. Regardless of having been there a few times, I’m always awe struck when walking atop this massive structure, built with technology decades old. Impressive!

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iPhone Capture

This photo came out pretty good considering it’s only resized! I took a nice long drive south on Durango today and came home via Charleston Boulevard. I’ve got several nice photos via the Nikon coming up later today too. In other news and views, I’m in the process of moving my photography and video from a cloud account and email address I no longer want to a new account. I no longer want my current email address that is tied to Michigan. That may sound corny but that’s me! Back later.

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Summit Place Mall Is Dead

Here are twelve photos I took during my recent trip to Michigan. This mall holds a few good memories for me, even going back to the early 1970’s when I was very young. Trips there with my mother and probably with all four of us. Of course the buildings had been remodeled since those days but look at it now. I learned that all, if not most of the businesses that were here had long ago moved house to a much newer, much nicer mall that is in a much better place, which it is.

It’s now located along the busy Interstate 75 in Auburn Hills, Michigan. Both mall locations are well within my good old stomping grounds of so many years ago in both Pontiac, Waterford and Auburn Hills. Sadly, Waterford has really degraded from what it was during my High School years there but such is life right? The world is in a perpetual state of change… But there’s hope for the mall!

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Sealtest Milk

My father is 89 years young, his first job as a young man was a Milk Man. He drove a truck with the company logo on it, the whole shebang. He used to have a restored truck just like he drove way back when but has since sold it. Do you remember your home having a Milk Shute? Mine did when I was growing up! And Rotary Telephones too? Anyway, no wonder he has this cool sign posted!

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The Talk Space Web Site

I have seen this commercial website on my telly the last many days. Having been through years of counseling myself, I sincerely must insist that should you need sincere therapy under any circumstances, please do visit your fully authorised therapist.

After having been through three divorces and currently feeling better both mentally and financially positive than ever, I can assure any person in this very difficult and turbulent time of your life that it is indeed very possible to recover your happy and productive life using only your own powerful decision making capabilities if you believe in Jesus Christ as Saviour.

Please, don’t blow $125 per month or so to inflate the bank account of one who you know absolutely nill about. No apologies here, should you fall victim to this stupid scam, I sincerely hope that you will find a solid Christian solution for your life’s issues.  We ALL have issues! Life has NO guarantees other than troubles will indeed find us all in due time.

( I apologize for this pompous post, don’t mean to be a jerk.)

A Peaceful Bay

Another photo from my iPhone seven from last week in Michigan at my daughter’s wedding reception. I say it’s a pretty spectacular photo considering it was rendered by a cell phone! It’s very lightly processed, just slightly sharpened and the colours just very lightly enhanced on my MacBook. I still really with I’d brought my Nikon D3300 though!! Click the photo, looks better large.

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The Hot Rod

Not just an antique auto body, this car was purchased in Vancouver, BC several years ago. Under that hood is a 400 cubic inch V8 engine, complete with a roaring exhaust system and fully modern frame and suspension underneath. Sometimes friends, things just aren’t what they appear to be! Click pic.

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The Eastbound Canadian National

I shot this video while in Michigan briefly this August for my daughter’s wedding reception. I’ve always loved trains from when I was very young. I recall a trip our family made by car in the mid 1960’s where I saw several trains along the way. I can still to this day see them in my mind!

The persistence of memory! I also remember being on the beach somewhere in Florida too.

But I was hooked on trains and over the years have met many other Train Spotters along the way, some of which I am still friends with today. This has me wondering though, why the hell can’t I remember things from three days ago but do remember 1966?

By the way, whilst I have your attention I’d like your opinion on this site. Specifically the sidebar. Do you scan the sidebar while here? If so, is it helpful or interesting? Or, do you think this site would be better without the distraction of a sidebar? Thanks for your comment on this, I appreciate it. I’m sort of rebranding this site to a Photography site since it’s been so prevalent lately.

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