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I have seen this commercial website on my telly the last many days. Having been through years of counseling myself, I sincerely must insist that should you need sincere therapy under any circumstances, please do visit your fully authorised therapist.

After having been through three divorces and currently feeling better both mentally and financially positive than ever, I can assure any person in this very difficult and turbulent time of your life that it is indeed very possible to recover your happy and productive life using only your own powerful decision making capabilities if you believe in Jesus Christ as Saviour.

Please, don’t blow $125 per month or so to inflate the bank account of one who you know absolutely nill about. No apologies here, should you fall victim to this stupid scam, I sincerely hope that you will find a solid Christian solution for your life’s issues.  We ALL have issues! Life has NO guarantees other than troubles will indeed find us all in due time.

( I apologize for this pompous post, don’t mean to be a jerk.)

On The 215 North

Well, as stated in my previous writings I drove my truck to the north end of the valley where I had purchased my new truck in May for some interiour work. The window seal moldings are bent downward into the door, not how they are supposed to be! Long story short, the inner door panels must both be replaced. Thank God for warranty work!

Once this is complete, I’ll take the truck to my tint dude near the airport. He still has the best price so far for the same work and I’m looking forward to some nice dark glass, the truck will look even nicer. Just one thing though about dark window tinting though is that the police don’t favour it for an obvious reason and I certainly do agree with them.

It’s a risk, you could earn a ticket for this. But a risk that I’m willing to take. Next up? Possibly swapping out my steel wheels for some General Motors (GM) aluminum wheels. Or not because the cost of said wheels could also be spent on a nice cover for the bed. There are many more kinds of Tonneau Covers these days than the flimsy materials used in days past.

Anyway, today seems to be iPhone photo day, the Nikon was left at home. While waiting at the dealer for the good word, I snapped some photos and will post those photos later but this one came from my trip on the 215, heading for the northwest corner of the Valley. Maybe a bit too processed but whatever.

By the way, I’ve considered converting this site to a photography blog. Let’s face it – I’m not a writer and obviously prefer many types of photography from Landscapes to city streets over trying to write something deep, provocative or even remotely interesting. So, would this change my site from a No Niche’ site to a strictly photo blog? Hmmmm…. 🤔 Your thoughts are appreciated!

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The Boat’s Wake

Looking aft on my sister’s boat this past week. It was the day of my daughter’s delayed wedding reception day and what a fantastic day it was! I grew up on this lake and it was so wonderful to be there, as though the energy and good vibes of those wonderful days as a child there were all returning to my soul, giving me a sense of well being, happiness and renewed energy.

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WABX 99.5 FM, Detroit

I stuck this radio station sticker on this furnace exhaust pipe in 1979 when I was in my last year of high school. I’m amazed that it’s still in such good condition and that my sister or her husband haven’t removed it. during the late 1970’s I still lived with my folks and used this little barn as a party pad for me and my buddies. We had a pseudo band which we used the barn for as a jam spot. In winter, the snow outside kept the beer super cold, the more beer we drank, the better we sounded!!

Click here to read about this great old station from Detroit.

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Aunt Jane’s Pickles

Hi all, I’m back home! My trip to Michigan was awesome, the reception party for my daughter was fabulous, a great time was had by all on the the lake with great food, a great DJ, plenty of adult beverages and fun boat rides. The party was at the home that I lived in when I was in high school, such a perfect venue with what I see as the best viewpoint on the lake.

My sister and her husband purchased the home many years go from my folks. So, the next couple of days or so I’ve got tons of photos and video to share with you so I hope you’ll stick around to see them. I’ve been a busy bee buzzing around several parts of the valley today taking care of things that didn’t get done before I headed for Michigan.

So what’s the story on Aunt Jane anyway?

I had basically a full day and one half of free time while in Michigan to do whatever I wanted so I took full advantage of so meshing I’ve been wanting, perhaps needing two do for a while now. I drove all over my old stomping grounds in two counties, revisiting places and recalling memories from so long ago. Why? To help me decide my future.

Long story shortened, I have decided to remain here in Las Vegas. This is home now and I love my valley! More photos coming.

The pickle advertisement is on the side of a party store in Waterford where I grew up. This party store always sold myself and my buddies beer regardless of our being underage. Times were different way back when! The people who purchased Gabe’s Party Store were power washing the building when they uncovered this old painting from the early or mid 1960’s.

The owner plans on having the paint restored then clear coating the work to preserve it. I say that’s great! I love pickles…

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President Trump’s Place

Oh you Liberals must despise a photo like this. Your very public hatred and vitriol spew is everywhere on almost all of the media platforms. You know whom you are, you whom have made very public death threats toward your president. And you should be in prison for your threats, whether Democratic or Republican. How sickening is it that Hollywood so-called stars and music stars are not prosecuted? It’s sickening and disgraceful. What are you Conservatives or Pro-Trump’s fearful of?

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Sleeping And Baking…

This happened late last night. I dozed off in front of the TV, these poor bisquits were turned to charcoal! I’ve been working on getting the stench out of the apartment half of the day. They were literally burnt totally crispy black. Nasty!! Note to self – never bake bisquits late at night!

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Site Content

I would like to ask you what you would like to see more or less of on this site. Things just aren’t the same around here since moving to the WordPress Business Plan. Before the change, my followers were much faster to respond to new material, and there were many more visiting too. These days only a handful of regulars visit me, for that I am grateful!

The problem lies within JetPack and WordPress is aware of it. It’s a glitch that keeps some people from seeing new posts on this site and it really sucks. I expect more from a company that hosts around twenty eight percent of sites on the internet. That said all I can do is make the best of a bad situation by asking you what you think would improve the site.

I appreciate your thoughts! Questions ↓

Update: Well, I was trying to install a Polling Plugin and it took the site down for a few hours. Back up now obviously. Thank you WordPress Engineers! I tried installing Polldaddy which is the Poll plugin for WP, it wouldn’t install! So then, if you have time I’d really appreciate your thoughts as to what you would like to see more of, or less of on my site. I do this for fun and like to interact with you, my online friends the best way possible. Thanks!

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The Green Explosion

No, I haven’t gone tree hugger on you! This little flower bed is near the main entrance to my apartment complex, the grounds company rotates the plants frequently. I was nearly back to my apartment and stopped to let my lower back muscles have a break and thought why not grab a photo? The iPhone does a dandy job but it can’t keep up with the Nikon! I see more green in here than flower colours but hey, it still looks nice. I hope your weekend has been good. Have a happy Monday!

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