Summerlin Centre

Correctly spelled as well! I sincerely would love to see American English in it’s printed form, return to it’s proper British spellings. There was never a valid reason to have changed it. Summerlin is in my perspective the best area of Las Vegas Valley. Other locals may dispute that but that’s OK with me!

Around Vegas Today

Hey all, thanks for stoppin’ by! It’s been a great day today, sunny and one hundred degrees! I purchased two nice pictures for my bare ass walls today, finally. Much more ‘homey’. It took no less than four stops to finally find pictures that I both like and were in my price range, decent wall art ain’t cheap! I finally got all the iPhone photos uploaded from my Michigan trip last week,and have moved back to my Nikon D3300. Much better! Hope you like this next batch, happy weekend to you!

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Red Rock South

I snapped this not so good photo yesterday on the way home from the beer store. I forgetted my Nikon! Not too bad for a cell phone I guess. This area is several miles south of Red Rock Canyon proper and is a giant fault line. I love my mountains and canyons! You can read more on RRC by clicking here.

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Red Rock Rescue

This sign is actually very large, I’ve cropped and straitened it. It’s on the building where I went last night for my first Ham Radio club meeting. I didn’t stay the full three hours, don’t have that much patience! But it was fun though. So today I’m considering driving the truck back to the dealer where I purchased it to have them look into replacing the damaged moldings inside each door, the ones that push against the glass. They are ruined and must be replaced before I can have the windows re-tinted to a much darker level. Window tinting in vehicles and homes is big business in the valley of the sun!

I appreciate the work these folks do, risking themselves to help others here in Red Rock Canyon.

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Lenticular Puff

I was parked in the desert earlier today working on my new CB radio antenna, getting it tuned up when I spotted these great looking clouds to my northeast. They are both Lenticular and um, Nimbus? Sorry, not sure of the name of the puffy clouds! In any case, they look nice together. The Monsoon weather continues to keep our humidity up just a bit and the afternoon high temperature down today, it’s not even one hundred degrees today!

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