Arrest Them

Through the magic of the internet, basically the entire world is aware of the multiple threats or calls for the assassination of President Trump. Some of these nutters are Hollywood actors and music stars. Some are what I term hard leftist socialists. I ask you – what the kcuf is wrong with my country? In the real world, Johnny Depp and others like him would already have been arrested and being prosecuted for making a public spectacle of these sickening death threats.

I sincerely hope those with the authority to do so will quickly arrest these people. Enough said.

Puerto Rico, the 51st State?

Scanning through Twitter this afternoon I came across this article on the Puerto Rico vote. The island is very divided. Some see statehood as the only way to solve the many woes the island has had for so long. Others want the island to become an independent nation. Honestly, I’d prefer that the island become it’s own nation for economic reasons. Do Americans need more tax burden? What do my American friends think?