Charge Your Ride

These images were taken with the iPhone7 today. I find it ironic that it takes Nuclear or Coal fired power plants to create the electricity that recharges battery powered cars and trucks. It’s hypocrisy on a global scale and I’ll never subscribe to the lie that is Global Warming caused by the activities of we humans. The geologic record has long proven that our Earth has both warmed and cooled on a global scale for millions of years, a fact conveniently overlooked by the Climate Alarmist goons…

Summerlin Centre

Correctly spelled as well! I sincerely would love to see American English in it’s printed form, return to it’s proper British spellings. There was never a valid reason to have changed it. Summerlin is in my perspective the best area of Las Vegas Valley. Other locals may dispute that but that’s OK with me!

Around Vegas Today

Hey all, thanks for stoppin’ by! It’s been a great day today, sunny and one hundred degrees! I purchased two nice pictures for my bare ass walls today, finally. Much more ‘homey’. It took no less than four stops to finally find pictures that I both like and were in my price range, decent wall art ain’t cheap! I finally got all the iPhone photos uploaded from my Michigan trip last week,and have moved back to my Nikon D3300. Much better! Hope you like this next batch, happy weekend to you!

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The Burger Breakfast

I’ve had a leftover of raw beef in my fridgy for a few days that needed to be cooked or it’ll go to waste. My solution? The Burger Breakfast! Perhaps not your standard breakfast, especially by itself but it’s protein, a Type Two diabetic’s best friend! Good morning to you from the valley of the sun!

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The Talk Space Web Site

I have seen this commercial website on my telly the last many days. Having been through years of counseling myself, I sincerely must insist that should you need sincere therapy under any circumstances, please do visit your fully authorised therapist.

After having been through three divorces and currently feeling better both mentally and financially positive than ever, I can assure any person in this very difficult and turbulent time of your life that it is indeed very possible to recover your happy and productive life using only your own powerful decision making capabilities if you believe in Jesus Christ as Saviour.

Please, don’t blow $125 per month or so to inflate the bank account of one who you know absolutely nill about. No apologies here, should you fall victim to this stupid scam, I sincerely hope that you will find a solid Christian solution for your life’s issues.  We ALL have issues! Life has NO guarantees other than troubles will indeed find us all in due time.

( I apologize for this pompous post, don’t mean to be a jerk.)

Red Rock South

I snapped this not so good photo yesterday on the way home from the beer store. I forgetted my Nikon! Not too bad for a cell phone I guess. This area is several miles south of Red Rock Canyon proper and is a giant fault line. I love my mountains and canyons! You can read more on RRC by clicking here.

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A Peaceful Bay

Another photo from my iPhone seven from last week in Michigan at my daughter’s wedding reception. I say it’s a pretty spectacular photo considering it was rendered by a cell phone! It’s very lightly processed, just slightly sharpened and the colours just very lightly enhanced on my MacBook. I still really with I’d brought my Nikon D3300 though!! Click the photo, looks better large.

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The Hot Rod

Not just an antique auto body, this car was purchased in Vancouver, BC several years ago. Under that hood is a 400 cubic inch V8 engine, complete with a roaring exhaust system and fully modern frame and suspension underneath. Sometimes friends, things just aren’t what they appear to be! Click pic.

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