Hi I’m Pepper!

Hi All! Well, the trip is winding down now, I’m currently at Flint Bishop International Airport awaiting my ride to Chicago Midas then on him to Las Vegas.  It’ll be a long day again but such is travel. What a great time everyone had at my daughters wedding reception yesterday!

Really too many fun tales to tell but I have some awesome photos and video for you sometime tomorrow when I get the 200+ photos and many videos I shot with the iPhone all sorted out.

One video in particular is such fun, my daughters husband was NOT expecting her to shovel a bunch of cake in his face. Body did she get him! Then, he chased her down literally and finally got her back.

Such fun! The food was awesome, plenty of adult beverages were had, the wedding cake was scrumptious and the boat rides on the lake were incredibly relaxing and I have some beautiful sunset photos too.

I’ll have all of these ready for you tomorrow some time. Meanwhile, I snapped a sweet photo of dads dog Pepper this morning. Poor girl wanted out of the dog run so bad but it’s not my place to let the dogs out, sorry Pepper, as she does her usual wining. Heart strings are tugged….


Bored Horses

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be in an animal body briefly? The horses for example. All they do is stand around all day, eat, drink and poop/pee. They have the appearance of being utterly bored to death almost. What a boring life they have, yet they worry for nothing I expect. Including paying bills and taxes! 😬😜 It’s almost 103 degrees outside just now and 85 inside. I don’t use the air conditioning… $$$