Such A Beautiful Morning…

A perfect morning for my quick walk, still under one hundred degrees, sunny with a light breeze. No plans for today, I accomplished some needful things yesterday but to be honest, being what I term semi-retired can be a bit tough. I’ve heard others say they became bored. I’m not completely bored, just a little bit. It’s nice to spend time as I please!

I’m not traveling this month at all due to being cheap, it’s been a tight month in terms of money and I’d like to keep eating! My new truck has a larger appetite than the little car did, with two more cylinders to feed which means more dollars in that thirty-plus gallon fuel tank. But I love my new truck, I’m a truck man at heart, always have been, always will be!

All photos are from the iPhone7

Traffic, Mountains & Palms

On the way to and from a weight loss clinic I am planning to work with starting next month, I snapped these photos with the Nikon while stopped at traffic lights. the Black & White versions are going up here sometime later today. Such a fabulous day today, it’s just slightly cooler than yesterday at 113 degrees, thank God for air conditioning!!

I got one good walk in early this morning before the temperature got to ninety degrees. Humidity is still a very mild three percent just now, it feels great being so warm yet so dry.

My apartment complex had it’s yearly indoor inspection today, so lovely of the office to give us about twenty four hours notice! But hey, my place is neat as a pin, and in perfect condition, no worries. There are over four hundred units here and several teams were working together on the project. I’d like to be a fly on the wall to hear what those teams went through with some of the units they inspected, not everyone is a ‘neat freak’ like me you know!

The Palm Outside My Window

A Mexican Fan Palm

A photo of a Mexican Palm around the corner from my place. I used the Nikon D3300 with the 70-300mm lens then processed it with the Nik software, I think it was made by Google? It was once for sale but is now free of charge. I used the Silver Efex software. I never have a specific goal in mind when using that software, rather just flip through the effects and apply that which I like. I like this photo with it’s very much antique photo appearance.

As I write this, it’s barely eleven thirty AM, and it’s already almost one hundred one degrees out there! It’s supposed to be one hundred nine degrees today and one hundred fifteen by this coming Tuesday, there are high heat advisories already issued by the National Weather Service since yesterday. Wether like this has me worried for certain people here in the valley, mostly the homeless as there are sadly so many of them. And also the tourists.

Those tourists visiting during our summer months may not be aware of the dangers of the very dry heat. Don’t the five percent humidity and it’s a dry heat thing fool you. Heat is heat. And kill you it will. Always carry plenty of water with you on the Strip or elsewhere, and take shade whenever possible. Staying well hydrated is paramount here in the Mojave Desert, even in the cooler months. I’m staying indoors today and have finally had to turn on that costly A/C!

Hunting For Armor All

I constantly see the same TV commercial for Armor All Wipes. they come in either wax wipe or just a wipe if I understand the commercial correctly. As much as I dislike advertising in any form, this one got my attention for quick wipe downs on my truck. Since I live alone and nobody will complain, my TV is always muted during any commercial.

I got the same response from two different auto parts stores, two different companies. No gots! So what good is the commercial? And I’m not the first person in either store asking for them. Whatever, guess I’ll use my usual wipes. I grabbed these photos with the Nikon and the Prime lens attached. Such a fast lens!