Around Vegas Today

Hey all, thanks for stoppin’ by! It’s been a great day today, sunny and one hundred degrees! I purchased two nice pictures for my bare ass walls today, finally. Much more ‘homey’. It took no less than four stops to finally find pictures that I both like and were in my price range, decent wall art ain’t cheap! I finally got all the iPhone photos uploaded from my Michigan trip last week,and have moved back to my Nikon D3300. Much better! Hope you like this next batch, happy weekend to you!

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On The Strip

I decided out of nowhere today to take a ride down to the Vegas Strip, hadn’t been down there in a very long time so why not! I can assure you that it still looks just the same as my last time down the hill, same masses of humans shuffling about in the desert heat. Oh the heat! It’s kind of scary to think about all the people who perhaps had no idea of what it’s like to spend any decent length of time in our kind of heat. It was 110 at my apartment, 110 on the Strip.

It was nice to see the throngs and to see the beautiful colours of the buildings and oh so fancy signs that use all the latest technology to display so many colours and crazy designs. Some are like a megalithic TV, easily several stories tall. Most of the big name venues now charge anyone to park the car which I say is bunk. Greedy but hey, what does just one Local resident’s opinion matter aye? I’m going to once again look into who still offers free or discounted parking for we Local folk so that I can find some fresh photo opportunities down there.

There are thirty six images in the set below, just thirty six out of the one hundred thirty seven photos I took today, I do my best to post only the best photos I can take on this site. By the way, I chose a different lens for today’s trip and was rather disappointed. I used the standard Kit lens that came with my Nikon, the Nikon 18-55mm lens. While it does take nice crispy photos, it’s method of zoom and a serious lack of said zoom capability sure hindered my shots. Sucks… Stay cool wherever you are today! 36 photos below!

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Riding Around The Valley Today

Here are several photos from my ride toward the north end of Las Vegas Valley today. I drove to the church the my now ex and I attended with the intent of volunteering there, I may start that in a day or three. After leaving my last job about three months ago due to a verbally abusive employer, I wanted to start doing a bit of traveling.

After some deeper thought recently, it might be a better choice to spend my time contributing to the church and hopefully meet some nice people to develop friendships with. I was texting with the ex today, she started the volley with sending me a photo of her new office in the hospital she works at. She still works in the medical field which makes sense regarding her Masters Degree in the medical field.

I’m sincerely happy for her, she’s not lazy, rather a damned hard worker, and has always been driven to succeed. We are friends and still care about what happens to each other, even from a great distance.

She’s in basically the same situation I am in terms of friendships though. She’s too busy, and I’ve chosen for the last year since the divorce began (been a full year this month) to refrain from most interactions with people, not referring to friendship. I’m a serious loner at heart, being alone isn’t terribly difficult for me but yet not easy.

Having been through two previous divorces, I knew all too well about the waves of emotions and inner turmoil that were rolling my way. An emotional Tsunami. that helped me through the grieving process greatly, and knowing that for me, it would be around one year’s time before I would be ready for any kind of interaction if that makes sense. I’m complicated on the inside, a wee bit chubby on the outside.

Knock me down, I roll right back up! I have no plans to leave Las Vegas. I’ve even thought about better days ahead financially when I can purchase a nice, small home for myself and what may come to that house in the future. I seem to be caught in a strange era of this life right now. Alone, yet so glad to live where I do. I sincerely believe that there are and will be really good things coming my in times to come.

Patience is still a virtue, it’s still true. Thanks for listening – I need to get this out…

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Palms, Mountains and Streets

I made my one and only trip today (saving gas money) to the store and had the Nikon on hand. More random photos from Las Vegas, those places most of the tourist crowds will never see. Be careful folks, it’s hot in this desert! 😵🔥🌴

Such A Beautiful Morning…

A perfect morning for my quick walk, still under one hundred degrees, sunny with a light breeze. No plans for today, I accomplished some needful things yesterday but to be honest, being what I term semi-retired can be a bit tough. I’ve heard others say they became bored. I’m not completely bored, just a little bit. It’s nice to spend time as I please!

I’m not traveling this month at all due to being cheap, it’s been a tight month in terms of money and I’d like to keep eating! My new truck has a larger appetite than the little car did, with two more cylinders to feed which means more dollars in that thirty-plus gallon fuel tank. But I love my new truck, I’m a truck man at heart, always have been, always will be!

All photos are from the iPhone7