Charge Your Ride

These images were taken with the iPhone7 today. I find it ironic that it takes Nuclear or Coal fired power plants to create the electricity that recharges battery powered cars and trucks. It’s hypocrisy on a global scale and I’ll never subscribe to the lie that is Global Warming caused by the activities of we humans. The geologic record has long proven that our Earth has both warmed and cooled on a global scale for millions of years, a fact conveniently overlooked by the Climate Alarmist goons…

On The 215 North

Well, as stated in my previous writings I drove my truck to the north end of the valley where I had purchased my new truck in May for some interiour work. The window seal moldings are bent downward into the door, not how they are supposed to be! Long story short, the inner door panels must both be replaced. Thank God for warranty work!

Once this is complete, I’ll take the truck to my tint dude near the airport. He still has the best price so far for the same work and I’m looking forward to some nice dark glass, the truck will look even nicer. Just one thing though about dark window tinting though is that the police don’t favour it for an obvious reason and I certainly do agree with them.

It’s a risk, you could earn a ticket for this. But a risk that I’m willing to take. Next up? Possibly swapping out my steel wheels for some General Motors (GM) aluminum wheels. Or not because the cost of said wheels could also be spent on a nice cover for the bed. There are many more kinds of Tonneau Covers these days than the flimsy materials used in days past.

Anyway, today seems to be iPhone photo day, the Nikon was left at home. While waiting at the dealer for the good word, I snapped some photos and will post those photos later but this one came from my trip on the 215, heading for the northwest corner of the Valley. Maybe a bit too processed but whatever.

By the way, I’ve considered converting this site to a photography blog. Let’s face it – I’m not a writer and obviously prefer many types of photography from Landscapes to city streets over trying to write something deep, provocative or even remotely interesting. So, would this change my site from a No Niche’ site to a strictly photo blog? Hmmmm…. 🤔 Your thoughts are appreciated!

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Car Names…

I used to own a Nissan until recently and traded way up to a GMC truck. But lets please get the name correct shall we?

According to my English, the name Nissan should be pronounced as “Nissan”.

Not as “Kneesan”.

Yeah, it’s goofy but I do insist that American English adhere as closely as possible to British English. Since we kicked England to the curb which I believe was not a smart decision regardless of my knowledge of the many reasons why this occurred, why did our English have to go down the crapper? Consider the word “Like”. I mean like, why has this one word like totally taken over or language?

Can you like understand what I mean? Like seriously??

President Trump’s Place

Oh you Liberals must despise a photo like this. Your very public hatred and vitriol spew is everywhere on almost all of the media platforms. You know whom you are, you whom have made very public death threats toward your president. And you should be in prison for your threats, whether Democratic or Republican. How sickening is it that Hollywood so-called stars and music stars are not prosecuted? It’s sickening and disgraceful. What are you Conservatives or Pro-Trump’s fearful of?

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Site Content

I would like to ask you what you would like to see more or less of on this site. Things just aren’t the same around here since moving to the WordPress Business Plan. Before the change, my followers were much faster to respond to new material, and there were many more visiting too. These days only a handful of regulars visit me, for that I am grateful!

The problem lies within JetPack and WordPress is aware of it. It’s a glitch that keeps some people from seeing new posts on this site and it really sucks. I expect more from a company that hosts around twenty eight percent of sites on the internet. That said all I can do is make the best of a bad situation by asking you what you think would improve the site.

I appreciate your thoughts! Questions ↓

Update: Well, I was trying to install a Polling Plugin and it took the site down for a few hours. Back up now obviously. Thank you WordPress Engineers! I tried installing Polldaddy which is the Poll plugin for WP, it wouldn’t install! So then, if you have time I’d really appreciate your thoughts as to what you would like to see more of, or less of on my site. I do this for fun and like to interact with you, my online friends the best way possible. Thanks!

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Do The Hustle

I can only assume that some of my 400+ followers can remember the 1970’s yet I’ve been listening to many videos stored on my Mac Pro since the awesome storage space upgrade since my old Mac kicked the bucket. In any case, I can remember with very specific clarity the 1970’s and my High School years which were at times clouded with the scent of Pot.

I have always maintained that Disco Music and its dance craze died an untimely death due to politically correct bullshit and general social pressures. And if you were born in the year 1960 as I was, can you sincerely offer a realistic response to a much better vanished time gone away?

Post This under Thoughts…

But I’ve now gratefully have over 400 followers and I love each of you for giving up your time to view my humble blog/website if you prefer. One thing that has always hankered me from day one since roughly the year 2000 when I built my first self-hosted website is that some of us for likely various reasons choose to not list the website to which their blog/website is attached to.


I get this. Anything you upload to the internet becomes public property, like it. love it or whatever else. Tough shit, chew harder. The internet can be a dangerous place to play which is why I am very much conscious about what I upload on this tiny and humble website. That said, if you create website/blog then why would you hide behind a username and not share anything about yourself? Your website?

Don’t Trash My Desert!

Yesterday I stopped at one of my favourite places to chill near Red Rock Canyon and was fiddling with a new CB radio I’d just purchased. Looking around the area, I spotted this plastic bottle and a coffee cup on the ground. This really irks me! Understand that I’m not a native Nevadan but have come to love this state with it’s incredible beauty. I love these mountains and wide open spaces.

It bothers me plenty to see garbage strewn about. Some folks have no respect for this desert! It’s enough that during our many Wind Storms as I and others call them, trash is swept up and blown everywhere. It can’t be helped but this bottle setting upright was certainly left there deliberately. OK, I’m henpecking but come on folks, be an adult and pack out your trash.

When it comes to water, I find it bothersome that occasionally I will see water running along the side of roads at the curb, for long distances. This is such a horrid waste of precious water here in the desert. It’s enough that these many golf courses and gardens both big and small guzzle water with an unquenchable thirst. To see water being frittered away is upsetting. Always use DesertScape instead of grass at your own personal residence.

Have you ever visited our beautiful Hoover Dam? I’ve been there many times because it’s always an exciting thing to see this massive structure in person. No photo or video can properly represent the scale of this dam. The last time Lake Mead was full was during the 1980’s. That’s a few years back. Note the ‘bathtub ring’ directly near the dam. The water level is at least eighty foot below what it should be. Don’t trash my desert. Use the water resources respectfully. Steps down from soap box…

Google’s Got Your Number

I received the following text from my friend Dave back home in Michigan this afternoon. I think this is some seriously scary shit, there’s a lot of truth in this little joke, if you can consider it a joke!

“Hello! Gordon’s Pizza?”

“No sir, it’s Google’s Pizza”

“Sorry, I must have a wrong number”

“No sir, Google bought the pizza shop”

“OK. Here’s my order…”

“No problem sir, you want the usual?”

“The usual? How would you know?’re under new management..”

“According to our caller ID, on the last 12 occasions you ordered pizza with cheese, sausage, thick crust..”


“…May I suggest this time you have ricotta, arugula and dried tomato?”

“No, I hate vegetables”

“But what about your high cholesterol?”

“My high cholesterol? How would you know?”

“Through the Subscribers Guide, we have the results of your blood tests for the last 7 years”

“I don’t care, I already take medicine. Give me my usual”

“But you haven’t been taking your medicine. You last purchased a box of 30 and that was 4 months ago at Drugsale Network”

“I bought more from another drugstore”

“It’s not showing on your credit card..”

“I paid in cash”

“But you didn’t withdraw enough cash according to your bank statement”

“I have another source of cash”

“It’s not showing on your last Tax Return, unless you got it from an undeclared income source…”

“OKAY! No more Google, Facebook, twitter, WhatsApp or bloody pizza! I’m going to a deserted island with no Internet, no cell phones and no one to spy on me!”

“I understand sir, but you will need to renew your passport, your old one expired 5 weeks ago..”

Why I’ll Quit Twitter Today

Earth shaking news, right! Gotta chuckle at this but seriously, I’ve had enough of the politics on Twitter. Admittedly, I do follow a few political accounts but that aside, it’s just so mean spirited. So many trolls spewing vitriol nonsense. Several years ago, I stopped listening to the likes of Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity I still admire what these men and others like them are doing which is exposing the looney left and all the skullduggery that goes with the liberal left lunacy. But I have no opinion!

Yeah, I don’t need to be riled up, life in general keeps me riled up enough hence I have taken a happy pill once per day for many many years now. Sometimes I write the most ridiculous shit and it ends up getting posted in this very public space. Then it is taken down. For this I ask you my valued readers your forgiveness! So, so long Twitter, it’s been nice but not real nice…

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Update On The New MacBook Pro

Good Lord, I love this laptop! Gladly, the OS is just the same as the laptop that died, hence it was very simple to set the machine up since I have years of experience with Mac. I had just one simple question regarding the trackpad which I drove back to Best Buy to ask one of they’re tech folks. Got that figured out, now my new machine is exactly like the old one but better because of the larger screen Real Estate.

Losing the older laptop really sucked in that this new machine isn’t cheap, and I’ve chosen to finance it as already mentioned in my previous post, the unboxing. But sooo well worth the minimal payment! The larger screen area has really relaxed my eyeballs. The old machine was just two years old but please don’t let this deter you from purchasing an Apple product. It’s failure is likely my fault, not Apple quality.

The failure was likely due to it’s owner pushing it beyond it’s audio capabilities repeatedly. I’m talking some serious hard ass use with the headphones, which by the way, have also failed. Hey, I’m a product of the sixties and seventies hard rock generation. The only and best way to listen to Rock & Roll music is seriously cranked way up! I may well have killed my old Mac! But not the new one though.

Riding Around The Valley Today

Here are several photos from my ride toward the north end of Las Vegas Valley today. I drove to the church the my now ex and I attended with the intent of volunteering there, I may start that in a day or three. After leaving my last job about three months ago due to a verbally abusive employer, I wanted to start doing a bit of traveling.

After some deeper thought recently, it might be a better choice to spend my time contributing to the church and hopefully meet some nice people to develop friendships with. I was texting with the ex today, she started the volley with sending me a photo of her new office in the hospital she works at. She still works in the medical field which makes sense regarding her Masters Degree in the medical field.

I’m sincerely happy for her, she’s not lazy, rather a damned hard worker, and has always been driven to succeed. We are friends and still care about what happens to each other, even from a great distance.

She’s in basically the same situation I am in terms of friendships though. She’s too busy, and I’ve chosen for the last year since the divorce began (been a full year this month) to refrain from most interactions with people, not referring to friendship. I’m a serious loner at heart, being alone isn’t terribly difficult for me but yet not easy.

Having been through two previous divorces, I knew all too well about the waves of emotions and inner turmoil that were rolling my way. An emotional Tsunami. that helped me through the grieving process greatly, and knowing that for me, it would be around one year’s time before I would be ready for any kind of interaction if that makes sense. I’m complicated on the inside, a wee bit chubby on the outside.

Knock me down, I roll right back up! I have no plans to leave Las Vegas. I’ve even thought about better days ahead financially when I can purchase a nice, small home for myself and what may come to that house in the future. I seem to be caught in a strange era of this life right now. Alone, yet so glad to live where I do. I sincerely believe that there are and will be really good things coming my in times to come.

Patience is still a virtue, it’s still true. Thanks for listening – I need to get this out…

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Legal Pot In Nevada

June first saw the legalisation of recreational marijuana in Nevada. I did some quick research on this tonight after snagging the image below from the Las Vegas Metro Police Department’s Twitter account. I agree, don’t drive buzzed! Buzzed driving is drunk driving which applies to both weed and alcohol. I like a bit of brew here and there but the only place on planet Earth that I’ll drink is in my apartment. That’s my rule, my law.

The same would apply should I return to smoking the funny weed. Not very likely but my same rule and law would apply. For decades I’ve been bothered by the hypocrisy of alcohol being legal, when pot is in my view, less dangerous and long term, less damaging to one’s health although it’s not without it’s own set of derogatory health issues.

Besides this, have you ever seen people smoking who went into a ‘drunken’ rage? Certainly, pot has a different effect on each individual to some degree but as a person who used to smoke loads of pot many years ago, I’ve never once seen any of my old friends go on a wild rampage. Rather we just get mellow. And hungry. We will see how this rolls out in due time…

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Why The Difference?

These two fuel stations are directly across the road from each other. Why the sixteen cent difference? Fuel prices rise and fall too often in this country, often from my perspective without any clear, defined reason. You have to go online and dig around for a possible answer to the mystery. Did someone in authority pass a big toot? Was someone offended! Just kidding.

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