Shooting Straight B&W

Yesterday I changed the Nikon to Black & White for a change. Any B&W’s I post have always been converted on my Mac to that mode. These photos are a test you could say. I tried adjusting the ISO at different settings, a setting of just 100 seemed to give the results I was after but still wanted a bit more texture. These photos are straight out of the Nikon, nothing has been done to them except reducing the file size.

Clouds Of Copper?

These photos were taken from my patio yesterday as the sun was settling below the mountains for the day. I used the Nikon with my favourite lens, the Nikkor 70-300mm lens. Pretty much my go-to lens these days. I have several images coming up later today from a quick bike ride using the iPhone7.

Having my Nikon slung around my sweaty neck while riding the bike isn’t a comfortable thing really, especially when the air temperature is just over ninety degrees!