The Cross

I’ve been looking for a new church to attend and seem to have found it. I visited my Dietitian today. Our conversation occasionally goes off topic and us both being Christians, she texted a friend of hers and asked him what church he attended. the reply came and I later this day did my research. Turns out, I got in my truck and drove the short distance from home to this church.

Oddly, one of the Pastors was available and gave me the tour of the entire church and grounds. I was grateful for this and thanked him and another Pastor for their time. It’s been said for ages that God works in mysterious ways. It’s still so true for the believer. iPhone in pocket, I had to snap the photo!


Two versions of this airbrush image that was gifted to me around 1996. The cropped version without the custom wood frame let’s you read more of the details. If you believe in Jesus as Lord, this image will please you. It’s 109 degrees just now, too hot for me to be outdoors for very long but I did manage a couple brief walks earlier today. Click a photo for a better view.