Red Rock South

I snapped this not so good photo yesterday on the way home from the beer store. I forgetted my Nikon! Not too bad for a cell phone I guess. This area is several miles south of Red Rock Canyon proper and is a giant fault line. I love my mountains and canyons! You can read more on RRC by clicking here.

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A Peaceful Bay

Another photo from my iPhone seven from last week in Michigan at my daughter’s wedding reception. I say it’s a pretty spectacular photo considering it was rendered by a cell phone! It’s very lightly processed, just slightly sharpened and the colours just very lightly enhanced on my MacBook. I still really with I’d brought my Nikon D3300 though!! Click the photo, looks better large.

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The Hot Rod

Not just an antique auto body, this car was purchased in Vancouver, BC several years ago. Under that hood is a 400 cubic inch V8 engine, complete with a roaring exhaust system and fully modern frame and suspension underneath. Sometimes friends, things just aren’t what they appear to be! Click pic.

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The Eastbound Canadian National

I shot this video while in Michigan briefly this August for my daughter’s wedding reception. I’ve always loved trains from when I was very young. I recall a trip our family made by car in the mid 1960’s where I saw several trains along the way. I can still to this day see them in my mind!

The persistence of memory! I also remember being on the beach somewhere in Florida too.

But I was hooked on trains and over the years have met many other Train Spotters along the way, some of which I am still friends with today. This has me wondering though, why the hell can’t I remember things from three days ago but do remember 1966?

By the way, whilst I have your attention I’d like your opinion on this site. Specifically the sidebar. Do you scan the sidebar while here? If so, is it helpful or interesting? Or, do you think this site would be better without the distraction of a sidebar? Thanks for your comment on this, I appreciate it. I’m sort of rebranding this site to a Photography site since it’s been so prevalent lately.

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On The 215 North

Well, as stated in my previous writings I drove my truck to the north end of the valley where I had purchased my new truck in May for some interiour work. The window seal moldings are bent downward into the door, not how they are supposed to be! Long story short, the inner door panels must both be replaced. Thank God for warranty work!

Once this is complete, I’ll take the truck to my tint dude near the airport. He still has the best price so far for the same work and I’m looking forward to some nice dark glass, the truck will look even nicer. Just one thing though about dark window tinting though is that the police don’t favour it for an obvious reason and I certainly do agree with them.

It’s a risk, you could earn a ticket for this. But a risk that I’m willing to take. Next up? Possibly swapping out my steel wheels for some General Motors (GM) aluminum wheels. Or not because the cost of said wheels could also be spent on a nice cover for the bed. There are many more kinds of Tonneau Covers these days than the flimsy materials used in days past.

Anyway, today seems to be iPhone photo day, the Nikon was left at home. While waiting at the dealer for the good word, I snapped some photos and will post those photos later but this one came from my trip on the 215, heading for the northwest corner of the Valley. Maybe a bit too processed but whatever.

By the way, I’ve considered converting this site to a photography blog. Let’s face it – I’m not a writer and obviously prefer many types of photography from Landscapes to city streets over trying to write something deep, provocative or even remotely interesting. So, would this change my site from a No Niche’ site to a strictly photo blog? Hmmmm…. 🤔 Your thoughts are appreciated!

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