Jiggle Test!

This afternoon I purchased a glass mount for my iPhone to keep it up where I can see it while under way. Well, the mount does exactly what it is advertised to do and does it well. Before purchasing, I checked it out online and read a few reviews. A couple reviews mentioned how well it works and also how much it jiggles while under way.

Well, it does jiggle like a bowl of Jello! I tried using my Maps application to see how difficult it would be to watch the map scroll along as it follows me moving along the road. I could tell where I was but to clearly see the map, you must grab hold of the mount. That kind of sucks. The flip side is, for just keeping an eye on the device as it updates, it’s fine.

But I was most curious about how much it would mess up a video from the iPhone. I made three videos while cruising along. Two were one minute in length, the third was two minutes and the only one I deemed worth keeping. The two shorter videos sucked mostly because I had zoomed the camera in tighter to try and get the proper size perspective.

The longest video was never zoomed so it is decent. Not great, you can tell the mount is jiggling but it’s respectable. Unfortunate really as I’ve had my eyes on this sort of gadget for a bit now. Anyway, I don’t mind if you don’t view the entire two minute video, no worries. Later today, I have photos from the Nikon that are experiments. I’m still on the learning curve! Never stop learning…