Break One Nine!

Having been off of the Citizens Band radio frequencies for decades and switched to Ham (Amateur) Radio, I’ve had the hankering to purchase a new CB radio and did so. I actually purchased two different types/brands but the unit in this short video is the one I like best. it’s tiny and has all the features I want. But that sound! I’m used to squelched VHF/UHF FM radio systems. This old fashioned AM or Amplitude Modulation audio is rather irritating yet is still enjoyable to my old ears! I used iMovie here.

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The Pierce Arrow

Five photos of my father’s antique Pierce Arrow auto. Such a dependable car, always starts right up and can move about forty miles per hour or so. These photos are by me from 2011 in Michigan, I have no idea what the camera was used here. By the way, my lower lumbars have let go this afternoon and I’ve been in terrible pain. Just maintaining until they settle down again which will possibly be a few days. Hello Tylenol and my trusty old cane! Good thing I purchased fresh groceries today aye??

Looking Up

I installed a security camera in my apartment a couple days back and have been playing with it often, trying the settings and logging into it from remote locations to test it’s capability. I’m a tech junkie and love my toys! Especially the new MacBook Pro. A beautiful upgrade from my MacBook Air which died several days ago.

A slightly larger screen and a better case colour which is Space Gray. Otherwise, it’s almost identical to the deceased Mac. I can now see what’s up at home from wherever, and record unauthorised entry you could say. Speaking about tech toys, I also ordered yet another CB radio this afternoon. The unit I purchased a few weeks ago works OK, that’s about all I can say about it.

The unit I have on the way is manufactured by a company based here in the States and has been building Citizens Band radios since at least 1980. That’s a good track record! I watched a few videos on Youtube and other websites showing the rig in actual use and was very satisfied with what I’ve seen and heard.

After decades away from the radio band where my love for the radio hobby began, it has been calling me home. I won’t be selling my Ham Radio gear soon but that’s always an option down the road. The photo is just a snapshot from the security camera as it is capable of some serious tilting and panning. Happy weekend, and thanks for reading this!

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Has CB Radio Died?

My interest in the radio hobby began in 1980 with the Citizen’s Band radio service as it’s known here in the States. I expanded into Ham Radio not too long after that and have been using those federally licensed frequencies on and off for a few years but recently purchased this mobile CB radio. I tried it a while back and was disappointed because of the terrible noise floor.

Well, why not try it again? It seemed better today as the noise floor was a bit lower yet there was basically nobody on any of the forty allocated channels. I did manage one quick contact with a fella located near the Strip, he was around seven miles away which is pretty good for a four watt AM transmitter and a short, coil-wound magnetic antenna on the truck roof.

I’m still disappointed as I was looking forward to what I remember from the old days in the 1980’s when these radios were all the craze and the channels were always incredibly jammed. Basically there is only dead silence now. The radio shown below was less than two hundred bucks and is a decent radio. But I really wanted a Cobra 148GTL radio but they are discontinued!

Apparently I’ll be putting my dual-band Ham radio back in the truck! Thanks for reading.

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Dead Mac New Mac

Sometimes shit happens in threes, have you ever noticed this in your life? Well, this is number one or two depending on your perspective. Yesterday, I got damn lucky with my iPhone not being destroyed because dopey me left it in my pocket in the pool! This morning, I sat down on my couch and grabbed the Mac Air. It was dead. Really, truly and completely dead. Won’t power up, won’t charge either. Deadness.

Oh shit. And I’d just installed some awesome photo software on it too. I’m working on getting it restored without paying for it again. Anyway, I took the expensive 2014 brick down to the Geek Squad. His assessment is that the main board, or Mother Board if you prefer, died. Apparently, it’d be several hundred dollars to replace said hardware. I have recently been blasting out the jams with my headphones on too, enjoying my 1980’s favs at high volume. Hmmm, I wonder. Decision time!

I have decided to purchase a new MacBook Pro to replace the aging MacBook Air which is apparently still in production but I wanted more storage instead of the 128G system. the new Mac has 256, much better. It’s Smoke Gray in colour and has a real Retina display which is really nice too. Instead of an eleven inch screen, this Mac has a thirteen inch screen with much less empty space between the edge of the laptop’s top, and the screen itself, also very nice. I’m happy.

I could have paid cash for this fancy new machine but chose to finance it since the total costs isn’t that high and the monthly payment is really small. I’m approaching this with an eye on building my credit up a bit where possible too. So, what is the next and third shit to happen? Or, the second? Hopefully nothing at all! By the way, there are too many really super changes made by Apple to this new machine to write up in this space. If you own one, then you know just what I mean.

I really love unpacking new toys, and today was a glorious day for this!

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Jiggle Test!

This afternoon I purchased a glass mount for my iPhone to keep it up where I can see it while under way. Well, the mount does exactly what it is advertised to do and does it well. Before purchasing, I checked it out online and read a few reviews. A couple reviews mentioned how well it works and also how much it jiggles while under way.

Well, it does jiggle like a bowl of Jello! I tried using my Maps application to see how difficult it would be to watch the map scroll along as it follows me moving along the road. I could tell where I was but to clearly see the map, you must grab hold of the mount. That kind of sucks. The flip side is, for just keeping an eye on the device as it updates, it’s fine.

But I was most curious about how much it would mess up a video from the iPhone. I made three videos while cruising along. Two were one minute in length, the third was two minutes and the only one I deemed worth keeping. The two shorter videos sucked mostly because I had zoomed the camera in tighter to try and get the proper size perspective.

The longest video was never zoomed so it is decent. Not great, you can tell the mount is jiggling but it’s respectable. Unfortunate really as I’ve had my eyes on this sort of gadget for a bit now. Anyway, I don’t mind if you don’t view the entire two minute video, no worries. Later today, I have photos from the Nikon that are experiments. I’m still on the learning curve! Never stop learning…