The Burger Breakfast

I’ve had a leftover of raw beef in my fridgy for a few days that needed to be cooked or it’ll go to waste. My solution? The Burger Breakfast! Perhaps not your standard breakfast, especially by itself but it’s protein, a Type Two diabetic’s best friend! Good morning to you from the valley of the sun!

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Photos With The Prime Lens

Just four photos from my ride to the Sporting Goods store to purchase a tiny Butane Fired camping stove so I can cook outdoors for a change. Kind of a silly purchase really but I can guarantee you that this little stove can heat up the pan and cook the food far faster than any electric stove! The burgers were delicious. I season the hell out of my beef and chicken delicacies!

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Sleeping And Baking…

This happened late last night. I dozed off in front of the TV, these poor bisquits were turned to charcoal! I’ve been working on getting the stench out of the apartment half of the day. They were literally burnt totally crispy black. Nasty!! Note to self – never bake bisquits late at night!

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Agave’ Dots

I’ve posted this scene before but this is a different angle. This scene begged to be photographed with the iPhone! Speaking of iPhone, I was in Downtown Summerlin today at the Apple Store trying to turn off that damned Two Step Authentication. It had me locked into a loop in that the verification codes sent to me were always wrong, if they were sent at all.

Long and grumpy story short, as alway the good folks at this location figured the situation out and I was able to close down that function. The gal who helped me acknowledged that there have been issues with this for a while now. What prompted me to enable the Two Step was when very recently Apple released some nice updates for my new MacBook Pro.

I was offered the choice to enable and took it as I also use Two Step for Gmail and this website during logins. But it turned out to be a really bad choice on the iPhone and iPad. Got an iPhone? Stay away from the Two Step Verification. Such a beautiful day today, I’m going to take a long and hot walk in a bit, after eating two huge slices of pizza downtown!

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A Simple Carb Hungry Fix!

So simple. Take two small Idaho Red Taters, dice the hell out of them. In a small pan, use about one half teaspoon real butter or a substitute. Perhaps a bit more. I used a small dash of real salt, but mostly a salt substitute. Cover and let simmer for around ten minutes, enjoy!  Being an overweight person, these sorts of easy meals just don’t cut the mustard… But WTF…


Goulash: First Attempt!

Well, I am now one hundred percent sure that I need to purchase much more cookware! I couldn’t follow this simple recipe to the letter as I had to drain away then replace too much seasoned liquid and such because the damn skillet it too small. The taste isn’t what I’d hoped for even though most of the recipe was actually followed as directed. It needs salt and I can’t eat regular salt because of the fluid retention. Salt Substitute really doesn’t cut the mustard, it doesn’t have that sharp flavour.

But hey, it looks tasty and is by no means a complete fail. Funny how our lives change isn’t it? I find that recently I’ve taken more interest in cooking beyond the usual pots of chili that I whip up which are always so delish. Not much else to talk about today except that I had to repair that brand new CB Radio I purchased a few weeks ago.

The antenna connector let loose and slid inside the radio. To repair it, I had to split the case, push the centre insulator back where it should be then resolder the antenna connection where it comes out of the circuit board. Fortunately, I have experience in this and saved myself some repair cost! I got that antenna tuned up yesterday too, finally. Antennas are finicky devices… Cheesy Goulash! ↓

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Scrambled Eggs

My previous post was about eggs. This post is also about eggs. Did you know I love eggs? they are good for you in spite of what the doctor tells you. Eggs are our friends! Yummy and full of protein are eggs. This weird image is actually those eggs from the previous post about eggs. Icolorama does a great job of making scrambled eggs, don’t you agree? 🤔