Monsoonal Clouds Over The Spring Mountains

Three quickies with the Nikon from today. The next few days will supposedly bring us more rain to Las Vegas Valley, I sure hope so! I really miss those soaking Thunderstorms in Michigan. But not the snow. I had a nice chat with my upstairs neighbour lady this afternoon, her and her boyfriend are from Montana and have been here for a couple years. They are considering moving back north as the Vegas summers seem to be too much for these Yanks. But I’m a Yank too but one who loves the desert heat.

I hope they don’t move as they have been good neighbours for a year now, even with two active dogs. I uploaded a video earlier today of the storms drifting very slowly eastward, it was nice to ear the thunder which isn’t audible on the video. I really want one of these gully washers to dump rain on my place! I hope you like the photos.  😆

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Horsing Around With Colours

This is a reworked photo from a few weeks ago that I snapped in Calico Basin. It’s a blend of two of the same image, one a Sketch, the other the regular photo then processed in iColorama on the iPad. All while watching Star Trek TOS!! Thank you BBC America. Today is clean my dusty as hell apartment day. Dust. Everywhere. Life in the dusty desert, it gets in no matter what you do! Click the pic.

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Takin’ A Cruise

Just a few photos from the Nikon today. I drove out to Red Rock Canyon, it’s been a week or so and I’ve got some video from there today too. Not surprisingly there are very few people out there for a Saturday with the July Fourth holiday fast approaching. I had a quick text volley with my daughter late today, some of the family is at the lake for the fireworks which are a day or so earlier than the usual early. Wish I were there of course but I’m also happy to be home.

I got the actual date for her purposefully delayed wedding reception for August, more on that in a future post. I’m considering taking my Nikon with me this time as I would really love to capture the best photos I can possibly get for this occasion, it’s really important. And of course I’ll share these photos with you in this space!

I’ve been thinking about my future a good bit lately on several levels. My health has stabilized well regarding my blood pressure, it’s in a stable targeted zone these days. And my A1C (blood glucose) level is well controlled at 6.5 over a ninety day period. Perfect. Life here is good. The bills are paid and I’m considering a short trip later this month depending on funds. But the main thing I’ve pondered is whether I’ll stay on in Las Vegas.

I’m not so sure I could live in Michigan year around anymore. The trips I’ve made up there for the family Christmas have been great except for the weather. It’s bitter cold. I’m not 25 years young these days and have come to truly understand why mature adults choose to migrate to southern latitudes during those winter months!

Hell, it’s 105 degrees outside and I just love it. Winter in Las Vegas isn’t winter to me, it’s more like several months of early autumn weather in a row. And I’ve thought about the kind of house I’d like to own here in the future as well. It’s really amazing to me how my life has changed over the decades. Years ago I’d never have imagined or considered living in the Mojave Desert. Today it appears that while Michigan will always be home, Las Vegas is where I choose to stay.

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