Advertising On The BBC News App

This is an opinion, not a rant. Many years ago I used to listen to Rush Limbaugh and many other political and news outlets but that went sour for me after the election of Obama. Since then and even now, I simply can not stomach even one media outlet in America. Shameful isn’t it? Hence, my use of the BBC News app on my iPhone and iPad.

It’s a completely brilliant news application both in the reporting as well as the way the application is built. However, it does have one major fault. Advertising. I’ve read websites that have people complaining about all the ads constantly distracting them from reading, and that’s very true. A total and complete distraction.

Add to that list the video ads that sometimes must play before you are able to view your chosen news video. I despise any form of advertising, I suppose you’ve figured that out right about now haha! This is the same tactic that YouTube uses for video. Most of the time, you are forced to view a video advertisment before your chosen video will play.

You may have noticed that even before my conversion to the Business plan with WordPress, this site has never allowed any form of advertising. With this upgrade, all you see in the footer of this site is my copyright statement, no WordPress logo or anything else, as it should be. Below you can read the message I sent off to the BBC today.

I don’t like American news media and prefer the BBC News app over everything else in the States.

But using the app is difficult due to all of the advertising, They are terribly annoying as are the video ads that I am forced to watch before viewing a chosen video.

This is just like YouTube, forcing people to watch more advertising.

Please, please BBC, remove the advertising! This is ruining an otherwise completely brilliant news application. Thanks for your time.

Do you ever get the feeling that your pissing up a rope? My comment sent to the BBC isn’t likely to change a single thing. But dammit, I got my two American red cents worth in now didn’t I? As I stated up top, this post isn’t meant to be a rant, rather just something different in terms of content here. I always seem to feel that my content is terribly lacking…