Google Earth’s Fab Upgrade

If you use Google Earth and like it as much as I do then you’ll love the brand new release of Google Earth nine for IOS. It’s awesome. The 3D effects for cities and landmarks around the world are wonderful. The UI is a bit different but easy to figure out. I like that Google added a camera button for snapshots which is what this photo is. I have Google Earth Pro on my MacBook Pro which is nice but it’s a bit more like the older application. I hope the 3D V9 will be available on the Mac soon. Try it!

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Laptop Desktop

Using my iPhone, I snapped a photo of my Mac and then ran it through iColorama on the iPad. A homemade desktop background! Which leads me to say four no apparent reason that a while back I stopped placing a watermark on all of my photos. Why you may ask? Well, partly because I’m lazy as well as a watermark isn’t too tough to remove from most images with basic, simple image altering software. Besides, I can’t find watermark software that’s just simple to use. The lazy photographer!