Puerto Rico, the 51st State?

Scanning through Twitter this afternoon I came across this article on the Puerto Rico vote. The island is very divided. Some see statehood as the only way to solve the many woes the island has had for so long. Others want the island to become an independent nation. Honestly, I’d prefer that the island become it’s own nation for economic reasons. Do Americans need more tax burden? What do my American friends think?

I Am A Conservative American

I am not ashamed at all to tell you that I am not only very far Right Wing and ultra conservative, and also follow President Trump and other Pro American accounts on Instagram and other websites. The United States as it is today is simply not the United States that I remember from my childhood. You know, those mornings when we placed our hand over our heart and pledged allegiance to our beautiful American flag and the Republic for which it stands?

Our nation is not a Democracy.

We are a Republic. There is a difference. A difference that has at this point in my life has me wondering why we left England. But that is of course an entirely different post and political discussion. Regardless, I have felt a very deep connection to England for many years now.

And taking into consideration the last few weeks with the city of Manchester and now London, my heart truly weeps for what I believe to be my native country. My research into family lines confirms this. As an American, I am not ashamed to say in this public venue, God bless England and her Queen. Our two countries shall never cow to these evil entities.