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I have seen this commercial website on my telly the last many days. Having been through years of counseling myself, I sincerely must insist that should you need sincere therapy under any circumstances, please do visit your fully authorised therapist.

After having been through three divorces and currently feeling better both mentally and financially positive than ever, I can assure any person in this very difficult and turbulent time of your life that it is indeed very possible to recover your happy and productive life using only your own powerful decision making capabilities if you believe in Jesus Christ as Saviour.

Please, don’t blow $125 per month or so to inflate the bank account of one who you know absolutely nill about. No apologies here, should you fall victim to this stupid scam, I sincerely hope that you will find a solid Christian solution for your life’s issues.  We ALL have issues! Life has NO guarantees other than troubles will indeed find us all in due time.

( I apologize for this pompous post, don’t mean to be a jerk.)

A Peaceful Bay

Another photo from my iPhone seven from last week in Michigan at my daughter’s wedding reception. I say it’s a pretty spectacular photo considering it was rendered by a cell phone! It’s very lightly processed, just slightly sharpened and the colours just very lightly enhanced on my MacBook. I still really with I’d brought my Nikon D3300 though!! Click the photo, looks better large.

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The Eastbound Canadian National

I shot this video while in Michigan briefly this August for my daughter’s wedding reception. I’ve always loved trains from when I was very young. I recall a trip our family made by car in the mid 1960’s where I saw several trains along the way. I can still to this day see them in my mind!

The persistence of memory! I also remember being on the beach somewhere in Florida too.

But I was hooked on trains and over the years have met many other Train Spotters along the way, some of which I am still friends with today. This has me wondering though, why the hell can’t I remember things from three days ago but do remember 1966?

By the way, whilst I have your attention I’d like your opinion on this site. Specifically the sidebar. Do you scan the sidebar while here? If so, is it helpful or interesting? Or, do you think this site would be better without the distraction of a sidebar? Thanks for your comment on this, I appreciate it. I’m sort of rebranding this site to a Photography site since it’s been so prevalent lately.

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Car Names…

I used to own a Nissan until recently and traded way up to a GMC truck. But lets please get the name correct shall we?

According to my English, the name Nissan should be pronounced as “Nissan”.

Not as “Kneesan”.

Yeah, it’s goofy but I do insist that American English adhere as closely as possible to British English. Since we kicked England to the curb which I believe was not a smart decision regardless of my knowledge of the many reasons why this occurred, why did our English have to go down the crapper? Consider the word “Like”. I mean like, why has this one word like totally taken over or language?

Can you like understand what I mean? Like seriously??

President Trump’s Place

Oh you Liberals must despise a photo like this. Your very public hatred and vitriol spew is everywhere on almost all of the media platforms. You know whom you are, you whom have made very public death threats toward your president. And you should be in prison for your threats, whether Democratic or Republican. How sickening is it that Hollywood so-called stars and music stars are not prosecuted? It’s sickening and disgraceful. What are you Conservatives or Pro-Trump’s fearful of?

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Around Town Today

Hi all! I’ve got some random photos here, and later a few shots from my drive down the Vegas Strip today as well. I hope your not bored with mostly photography on my site.

I do have opinions and thoughts on many topics like anyone else, but many of them may be taken as angry, and politics are a good way to drive followers away right?

Please tell me what you would like to see on this blog,

I’d really like to know. More of this or less of that? I appreciate your thoughts!

Maybe I should rebrand the site as a photography blog eh… But PLEASE READ about the dying children who mine the raw materials for these ‘green’ batteries. Did Mr. Ford really have a better idea in terms of car crash deaths? And do the tree huggers really have a better idea?

To Hell with Climate Religion.

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I took this photo several years ago in Michigan. The photo was much taller, I cropped it to focus more on the flag and removed the  sepia tone. It’s really hard to believe that it’s already August! Where does the time go? Of course time is unchanging as far as humans are able to perceive but have you ever wondered if God speeds time up or down, and we can’t tell? Am I the only one who thinks like this?

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