Canary Date Palm

I snapped this photo on my morning walk today with the iPhone7. There are four kinds of palm trees commonly found in Las Vegas Valley, the Canary Date Palm is my favorite because of it’s huge size, huge fronds and overall beauty. I don’t believe palm trees are native to Las Vegas…

Heading For The Party Store


I took the long way to the beer store this afternoon, this is always a pleasant option! Also, I’m not sure people on the West Coast use the term ‘party store’. My ex was from California and was amused with some of the terms or phrases she heard while living in Michigan for eight years.

An LP fuel tank is sometimes called a Pig in Michigan and small streams or rivers are occasionally called a Crick. Freeways on the West Coast are referred to as ‘the fifteen’ instead of just fifteen or similar back East and way up north.

I don’t know about you but these regional differences in our English dialect have fascinated me for more years than I can remember. And the same regional dialect thing is also true in England. I’ve heard so many Britons speak, thanks to the internet that it’s obvious.

I love that English is my native tongue. However, I’d prefer to speak British English as I find it to be the way our common language should be spoken. Not much I can do about that though!