Monsoonal Clouds

The Monsoon Season is in full swing here in Las Vegas as you can see by these photos. I just wish those stupid wires weren’t in the photos! And Photoshop and I have never worked well together. I’m enjoying a bit of Convalescing this morning after my back went out in a big and bad way two days ago. Yesterday was better but today I’m a bit more tender.

Anyway, the TV has scrolled Flash Flood Warnings all morning, and Severe Thunderstorm Warnings last night yet not a damn drop of rain has been seen by yours truly at my location. Weather here is weird as compared to Michigan. I can’t read the clouds as well as I can in Michigan but when there’s even a slight bit of moisture in the air, it’s super easy to smell since it’s always so dry here with humidity levels well below twenty five percent being normal. I like it too! I’m back later today.

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Desert Rain

A not too great shot of rain falling just north of me the other day. We are about two months into the Monsoon season but haven’t seen much rain really. I see severe thunderstorm warnings on the TV for my county, but this is a huge county. I miss the rains that we get in Michigan, the wind, the scent of the rain and of course the thunder and lightning. So rare in the Mojave. Rain sails are a beautiful thing!

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Not Sure Yet It’s A Record But…

Just now I checked two Las Vegas news websites, both reported a temperature of 116 degrees which might break last year’s record of 115 degrees (I think). In any case, that’s bloody hot and plain old dangerous to be working in. Yet, I’ve seen the Grounds workers out working today around my apartment. Good Lord. How do these dudes handle it?

All of them are Mexican as are many others working for the myriad of lawn and garden services in the valley. I mean nothing racial in any way, shape or form about these men, to be clear. I sincerely appreciate the fact that there are locals that can work in these brutal heat conditions, called Excessive Heat Warnings. I’m a prisoner in my apartment!

I scammed this image from Twitter because it’s true! 🌴☀️🔥😉