Puffers After The Eclipse

Well the eclipse was a bust in Las Vegas from my perspective. It was raining this morning, obviously overcast and I never one noticed the light dim in the sky at all. Eclipse? What eclipse? But I did see it on The Weather Channel from multiple locations. Thanks, TWC. As the eclipse was passing our East Coast and heading to sea, the sun popped out suddenly, in all it’s fiery glory as usual. If it weren’t Monsoon season, I may have got a glimpse in some form. There are some huge puffers out there right now, have Nikon with 18-55mm lens handy will click! I just wish those damned wires weren’t there…

The Summerlin Peaks with humongous puffers floating above

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The Big Puff

Following up from yesterday’s video about the severe storms in the area, I aimed the Nikon toward Heaven for this fab cloud photo! Flash Flood advisories are in place already for today so I hope the valley gets some rain in my location for a change! Give your local clouds some appreciation today!

Click me, I look better bigger!

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