And lots of it a couple days ago! I’m having issues with playing video on the site since the move to self hosting, please bear with me whilst I figure out the correct settings… This movie seems to play OK.

A Tender Time…

Would you like to share with me likely the most tender and beautiful time of my life in Northern Michigan? Relive my memories, sans the images in this video, not that they are horrid of course. Memories from deep within my native Michigan as a young man… Always treasured memories that will always be with me for too many reasons to mention here. I so miss the nineteen sixties…

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The Eastbound Canadian National

I shot this video while in Michigan briefly this August for my daughter’s wedding reception. I’ve always loved trains from when I was very young. I recall a trip our family made by car in the mid 1960’s where I saw several trains along the way. I can still to this day see them in my mind!

The persistence of memory! I also remember being on the beach somewhere in Florida too.

But I was hooked on trains and over the years have met many other Train Spotters along the way, some of which I am still friends with today. This has me wondering though, why the hell can’t I remember things from three days ago but do remember 1966?

By the way, whilst I have your attention I’d like your opinion on this site. Specifically the sidebar. Do you scan the sidebar while here? If so, is it helpful or interesting? Or, do you think this site would be better without the distraction of a sidebar? Thanks for your comment on this, I appreciate it. I’m sort of rebranding this site to a Photography site since it’s been so prevalent lately.

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