Freak At Red Hills

Before heading to my doctor appointment early this afternoon, I took a short ride into my favorite canyon and stopped by the Red Hills parking area. Red Hills has a natural spring running out from under the small mountain and has a beautiful little oasis all around it. Hopping out to visit the men’s room it was obvious someone had a big mouth.

Along the way to the men’s room I stopped next to a couple who were standing at the front of their car looking on in total disbelief at this moron spewing hateful stuff. Verbally attacking the U.S. Government, calling Chinese people some very unsavory names and telling the world how sick he is of being attacked for being a young gay man.

And other audible spews of pure vulgarity.

The man that I stopped and looked on with jaw dropping (seen at end of video) and another man on the opposite side of the parking lot were primed and ready to walk up to this moron and silence him in ways he would not have liked. After several verbal threats against him, including that fact that there were several children present, he finally shut up.

Only God and this moron know what he was tripping on but man was he pissing off lots of people who visit this beautiful location for some serious peace and quiet. Hiking, rock climbing and just people who sometimes climb high into the hills and just relax, have a drink and smoke some pot. Las Vegas – such a dynamic city!! Apologies for the vertical video, I never do this…

Our Thunderbirds

Our Nellis Air Force Base is home to the USAF Thunderbirds! Daily, I see up close and very clearly in my ear drums, many kinds of military aircraft, most of which this non-military guy can’t identify. But I can verify that I’ve been an aircraft nut for many years. I LOVE the thunderous sounds these beautiful aircraft emit. Mostly I enjoy the average passenger airliners though as many of you should know by my photos and video buried somewhere on my site.

Occasionally I have a quick chat with some of our customers who catch me eyeballing these beauties flying overhead. One fella recently stated that he’s glad these pilots are on our side!! Yeah dude, I totally agree!! Sometimes my eyes get all watery when watching these great Americans keeping those flight skills razor sharp most days of the week, it’s a very beautiful thing to me to see them fly – for me, it’s truly poetry in motion. God bless our nation.