The Cross

I’ve been looking for a new church to attend and seem to have found it. I visited my Dietitian today. Our conversation occasionally goes off topic and us both being Christians, she texted a friend of hers and asked him what church he attended. the reply came and I later this day did my research. Turns out, I got in my truck and drove the short distance from home to this church.

Oddly, one of the Pastors was available and gave me the tour of the entire church and grounds. I was grateful for this and thanked him and another Pastor for their time. It’s been said for ages that God works in mysterious ways. It’s still so true for the believer. iPhone in pocket, I had to snap the photo!


Cripe, and ever more cripes! Deal with it. I strongly believe that a very few Native Michiganders or so many more would have ever heard of or thought to include these few oblique words into any construct of American English any more than Cripes! Our American English is as much an enigma as our brothers and sisters are in our Native United Kingdom. Love you, England.

Looking Up

I installed a security camera in my apartment a couple days back and have been playing with it often, trying the settings and logging into it from remote locations to test it’s capability. I’m a tech junkie and love my toys! Especially the new MacBook Pro. A beautiful upgrade from my MacBook Air which died several days ago.

A slightly larger screen and a better case colour which is Space Gray. Otherwise, it’s almost identical to the deceased Mac. I can now see what’s up at home from wherever, and record unauthorised entry you could say. Speaking about tech toys, I also ordered yet another CB radio this afternoon. The unit I purchased a few weeks ago works OK, that’s about all I can say about it.

The unit I have on the way is manufactured by a company based here in the States and has been building Citizens Band radios since at least 1980. That’s a good track record! I watched a few videos on Youtube and other websites showing the rig in actual use and was very satisfied with what I’ve seen and heard.

After decades away from the radio band where my love for the radio hobby began, it has been calling me home. I won’t be selling my Ham Radio gear soon but that’s always an option down the road. The photo is just a snapshot from the security camera as it is capable of some serious tilting and panning. Happy weekend, and thanks for reading this!

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A Bloody Mess…

Occasionally when checking my blood glucose in the morning, the lancet punctures me a bit too deeply which results in what you see in this photo. Yuck. I’ve been taking 81mg of baby aspirin each day since 2002 which was the year I was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure. I also take several other medications for other things including high blood pressure and Type Two diabetes. I’m a mess for a man my age aye? But alive and kicking! The puncture usually is just a very mild sting, but this morning was a bit different, it stung like hell and I knew the penetration was much deeper than usual.

Ouch. Yuck.

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Has CB Radio Died?

My interest in the radio hobby began in 1980 with the Citizen’s Band radio service as it’s known here in the States. I expanded into Ham Radio not too long after that and have been using those federally licensed frequencies on and off for a few years but recently purchased this mobile CB radio. I tried it a while back and was disappointed because of the terrible noise floor.

Well, why not try it again? It seemed better today as the noise floor was a bit lower yet there was basically nobody on any of the forty allocated channels. I did manage one quick contact with a fella located near the Strip, he was around seven miles away which is pretty good for a four watt AM transmitter and a short, coil-wound magnetic antenna on the truck roof.

I’m still disappointed as I was looking forward to what I remember from the old days in the 1980’s when these radios were all the craze and the channels were always incredibly jammed. Basically there is only dead silence now. The radio shown below was less than two hundred bucks and is a decent radio. But I really wanted a Cobra 148GTL radio but they are discontinued!

Apparently I’ll be putting my dual-band Ham radio back in the truck! Thanks for reading.

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That Vicious Red Wine

Well, it wasn’t that vicious but was a bit tart. I very rarely drink wine, the taste just isn’t there for me. It’s apparently an acquired taste as is beer, and at a (regardless of) a high fifteen percent alcohol content it doesn’t deliver that relaxing effect I like. Back to beer! In a different vein, I am considering going back to work but only on my terms. If I’m not given the specific hours I prefer then OK. No worries.

At this time in my life, work is gratefully an option.  I can be choosey! I’m going to drop off a note to the manager of a large retail chain tomorrow which contains some information he requested after filling out my online job application. I had stopped by this business yesterday regarding their damned shopping carts that are continually left outside my apartment.

He will be looking into this. Those damned carts cost corporate eighty four dollars a pop! He was unaware of this issue and was grateful for the information. This is a net loss for the corporation in terms of dollars and cents, and to top this off, I witnessed some stupid dipstick tossing one into the dumpster yesterday, directly after, the big blue garbage truck came and tossed it in the truck!

I really thought the trash dudes would have popped that cart out. Nope. Life is strange…