That 70’s Sign

It looks a bit 1970’s to me because the 70’s were both good and turbulent for yours truly. Darn, wish I had a photo of me in the 1970’s! I had hair, centre-parted hair coupled with a gold-coloured disco shirt made of some weird material. And smooth slacks made of whatever with bell bottoms, or jeans with bell bottoms of course. All in all, school pretty much rocked. High School today? ummmmm By the way, if you’ve messed around with HTML and or Cascading Style Sheet(s) aka CSS, then you may see more in this photo than others. How long has it been since the Drop Shadow code has been used?

Stay groovy baby…

Las Vegas’ Finest

Yesterday I took the usual ride into the canyon that I take two or three times per week, except this time I noticed coming up behind me four Las Vegas Metro Police bikes. I thought oh shit, they finally tracked me down! I’m too young to be a rump wrangler in prison! OK, just kidding.

I’ve always found our police men and women to be courteous and pleasant. Until you piss them off right? I was at the Red Rock Overlook again, the officers all turned in behind me. After a bit I followed a couple other guys heading toward the officers. I wanted to see the bikes up close.

Geesh, they are all the same! Well no kidding! One guy asked if he could be photographed on his bike, next to the officer’s bikes. Sure, no worries. Anyway, with Nikon in hand and the wrong lens on it for these shots, this is what I captured. Got to remember to bring my bag of lenses dammit!

I thanked these men for the work they do, they seem surprised. Apparently the public needs to thank these people for what they do every day.

I have a police scanner that is capable of receiving the digital, coded signals they use these days. Listen to the shit they deal with day in and day out like any other big city, you’ll appreciate the fact that if you need a gun, you can make a phone call for one. Not that Las Vegas is a dangerous place to live, if it were, I’d not be living here!


On another note, as some of you know I recently moved this website to a self-hosted platform hoping that my stats would improved but I can assure you that things haven’t changed. There’s a reason why. It’s not because I’m a rotten photographer, not that my content totally sucks either. It’s because of the damned JetPack plugin.

If your site is still a part of then you’ll be fine. Everyone will know when you upload a new post. Using JetPack on a self-hosted website causes issues where not all of your followers are made aware of your new material. Sometimes your not visible in that stupid Reader either. Did I mention I don’t like the WP Reader?

I view everything from others via email, always have.

I’ve considered simply stepping away from this site, even after all the damn money it cost to move this site to self-hosted. Perhaps let it set here as is for several weeks then phone the Host to have the site taken off the web. Honestly, I get much more interaction and satisfaction using Instagram. But then, how long will Instagram stay Instagram?

A Litigation Nation

Suing people and damages recovery is big business here in Las Vegas. On the radio, the TV stations and these nasty humongous bill boards all over the place keep the images fresh in our minds that hey, if someone looked at you the wrong way, take ’em to court! Did the old man in front of you fart while in the checkout lane? It’s happened to me but I didn’t sue! Why do we make our lives so burdensome…

Bye Bye, Condo…

It grieves me to say that my folks’ condo in west Florida is going to take a direct hit from the eye wall of hurricane Irma. I’m texting with my children back in Michigan about this this morning. And my dad doesn’t need the worries at his age either. It’s so damn shitty that the memories made at that condo will likely be shredded. Of course the memories are safe in our heads but… At this point I’m glad I left Florida many years ago. Life is much safer here in Las Vegas in terms of the weather…

The other side of this is that I feel so sad and afraid for those millions who have been evacuated from their homes, knowing they may not have a home to go back to. Why does God allow these things to happen? I don’t believe that anyone can offer a solid response to that question, it’s too far beyond Human understanding but perhaps one day we’ll know the answers…