I Made The List!

According to at least one Twitter user, I am worthy of his Asshole list LOL!! This thread was on politics and of course politics bring out the best and worst in people, right? That’s been my lifelong experience anyway… I’m new to Twitter and really like it for the news updates. My Conservative news updates that is. And all the other fun and nutty things too.

Social Media Discouragement

I’ve noted recently that a couple specific television commercials are blatantly anti-family and pro-addictive. Addictive in that a man walking his dog does not in any way apparent to interact with his pet during the walk. Also, a man and his family have zero apparent family interaction as everyone has their eyes locked down on their device screen while he is driving.

Not to sound negative as their is just too much of that crap in our world today, but this just isn’t a good thing. The parent(s) need to make the positive decision to have each passenger in a car to let those devices be put down. The man walking his pet loses out due to his apparent lack of interaction with his pet, and the things he might see along the way.

Our modern technology is a beautiful thing really, isn’t it? It’s used for so many great things and too many dark things due to those evil individuals who choose to be useless, devious individuals. For what this might be worth, please consider these thoughts the next time your family or you and your pet might find time for some family time.

Thank You!

Fifty thousand views – I’ve been watching the numbers approach 50K for a few days now and I would like to say a warm thank you to all who’ve viewed my humble website for a good while now, all of you are very much appreciated!! May God bless all of you!