Oldsmobile 98


Via the Lenka app today when at work, no time for a real frame up. Via iPhone seven. I wrongly assumed it was a differnet GM car, whoopsoids!! I so wish Americans would purchase truly American cars today, but who’s really responsible for this? Detroit Auto Manufacturers of course, as well as our federal government. Buying an import is a vote against your country.


Love Hate Relations

Instagram. I love the service, so much creativity out there, and so many great people too. I’ve made some cool friends on Instagram as I have here on WordPress. That’s the Love side. Hate Instagram. Hate is probably too powerful a word to use in this instance but… Once again, the software or whatever they use on Instagram has unfairly blocked my account from making comments on other sites. And why is this?

I was making an honest comment this morning, using NO bad words, NO racist remarks or anything out of line. As you who know me will understand, I NEVER make those kinds of comments on any website or blog. If I can’t say something nice or constructive, I won’t say anything at all. The block is unjustified. Instagram offers a way to report this. I did yet was not taken to a page where I can actually leave my thoughts on this nonsense. Really?

This crap is what caused me to close my first Instagram account. Supposedly my account will be fully reinstated in 24 hours. I am being punished by a damned software program running on a server somewhere on the planet, for a crime I did not commit. Just as a chain is as strong as it’s weakest link, software is only as smart as the dickhead who wrote the software. It’s very much a love/hate relationship for me with Instagram.

Guard Your Email Address…


As many of my online besties know, I’ve been on the job hunt for what seems an eternity. More on that another day… Several months ago I deleted both of my old email addresses which referred to Las Vegas in some manner. It has something to do with the way my mind works and my recently completed divorce. My new email address has in my view already been destroyed now because I used it for communications for possible employment opportunities.

I knew this was possible but I very wrongly hoped that my email address would not be sold to spammers, or given to them. An act of ignorance on my part for sure. I grow very weary of having to take all of the spam in my Spam folder and place it on my block list which pops it into the Trash bin automatically. And that which makes it through the filter and lands in the Inbox. Sometimes I want to find the arses and strangle them.

What purpose does it serve to fill the Internet with seventy eight or so percent of spam? Pumping the Internet full of useless shit is what it is. Who is making money pumping all this shit into people’s Inboxes? If our useless federal government wants something productive to do, go after these useless humans and shut them down for good. A long story short, if you plan to use the web for job searching which seems to be the way job searches are done in our so-called modern world today, never use an email address you plan to keep long term.

I’ve already created a new address that refers to my home state of Michigan. I am extremely guarded who I send mail to from that address. In due time I will delete my ruined email address. Make up some ridiculously stupid toss away email address for yourself that you don’t care about being filled with spam. I suppose it’s the only way, the ultimate way any one of us can strike back at these poor excuses for human beings.

Long Wall Lamp

This is one of four long lamps on the wall in my Community Center. This one has the brightest colors and was the only one I liked enough to try and make look better. On another note, I wrote my attorney a check to pay her off for the big D several days ago and I have yet to see the check pop up cashed in my account. Really? Is my money not green enough?

I sent her an email asking her WTF is going on, in a nice way. She has been walking around town for days now with a fat check in her purse. Really? By the way honey, you are screwing up my checking account. No, I didn’t say that to her but let’s file it under shit I’d like to say to certain people. How rude man. Do I need to stop payment?? I’ll be happy to keep the money…


Photo via iPhone SE and PhotoScape X