Shopping Cart Trash

This is the lovely view from my apartment. Beautiful isn’t it? It’s enough that there’s an enclosure with rubbish containers in it but then add these stolen shopping carts from the businesses next door. Residents that can’t drive or don’t have a car are likely those who are leaving these carts here. I see them at other enclosures and the odd place around the complex on my walks.

I’m tired of the nonsense. Last week I visited one of the stores from which this cart was taken and spoke with the manager on duty. He said he would look into this as each cart costs the company eighty four dollars. Today I rang the store and requested that they come get the damn thing out of my sight. I need to move to a different apartment but it’s a hassle in many ways.

So then hush right? Sorry, but that’s not how I roll. If something gets me cranked enough, I’ll speak out. I hope they come get the damn thing. I’m not always home, trust me, I do get out and about like tomorrow. I’ll be heading up to Mount Charleston to an outdoor festival complete with rides on the chairlifts at the ski lodge, lots of things for families to do and of course, the obligatory beer tent. Or, a beer garden as they term it. I want to meet new people, maybe make some friends!

Yes, I do have a life here but my view here is already shit. Why add shit on top of shit! ? End rant.

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Bye Bye, PopSci!

As some of you know, I have a very strong dislike (putting this mildly) of any form of advertising. I do understand the many reasons why advertising exists, but this doesn’t mean that I have to like advertising in it’s many ugly forms. We can’t visit any medium, Television, Radio and of course the internet without being blasted visually and audibly with advertising.

Since I’ve recently jumped on the Twitter Train and have been enjoying it very much for the major amount of news and funny things to see among so much more, I’ve ‘muted’ several annoying sites both for the content as well as those ridiculous ads. But one website which I very much like called Popular Science has to go. Great content. But those ads!!

Good Lord. Every few pixels you scroll will bring ad after ad, full page ads that you are forced to close in order to be able to continue reading. Then the annoying, flashing and noisy videos. I finally had enough today and have unfollowed them which they probably don’t give a crap about. But I had to make my thoughts known. Below is a copy and paste of the not nasty email I sent to the webmaster. What more can any average user on the internet do? Ad blockers are a fail…

I’ve recently jumped aboard the Twitter train. I follow many websites of various types but I must tell someone at your company how bloody annoyed I am every time visit your site. The constant, neverending and overly aggressive advertisements that continually pop pop pop up up up really tick me off. I’ve had enough. I will unfollow your website today, really sad because the site has so much great information. I have a website, ads are strictly forbidden, I don’t want to tick off my readers.
Thank you for your time.

Canadian National Railway

My friend Dave back home in Michigan sent me this photo yesterday. It’s a railway maintenance machine on the Siding, in front of the Amtrak Depot in my home town. Yeah, it’s horridly over processed! But it’s all I have this morning. Today is that big fun day of the month – pay the bills day. Hmmm, will I have enough left over to eat and fuel that nice new truck of mine which has a big appetite?

I think so. I hope so! My taxes are paid quarterly. You’ve GOT to know how to budget! Everyone should know how to budget their cash flow. I’ve seen over the years how people’s lives come apart for lack of financial management skills. Sadly, I think the public school systems stopped teaching these basic skills around the time I graduated high school in 1979. Yeah, I’m older.

But truly wiser! Maybe the schools didn’t stop this, that’s more of a guess really. I hope I’m wrong. These skills should be taught by the parent(s) don’t you think? Our public schools in America are these days an indoctrination station, teaching hard core liberalism to young, soft skulls of mushy gray matter.

Brainwashed? Perhaps. Educated? Maybe. College? So many professors in our colleges these days need to be kicked to the curb for their hardcore liberalism. That mindset has no place in a free society. Hey Hollywood liberals, you listening?? I never went to college! OK, done. Sorry for the goofy rant…

I’ll Be Moving Along Now…

Yesterday I tried the Business Plan that offers. After trying things out, I decided this morning that I wanted to revert back to the Premium Plan I’ve been on for almost one year now. My refund is on the way, and the site is back as it was before this nonsense happened this morning. So what happened? Before the switch was made, my Admin panel stated clearly that I had used just 51% of the allotted space for this so-called Premium Plan.

I was attempting to upload an image today, after the site was reverted but was told by my Media page that I’d used 13.1 percent of the thirteen gig storage space. That’s just bullshit. I had a long Chat session a bit ago with a WordPress ‘Happiness Engineer’ as they like to call these tech folks. Long story short, I was told that I’ve used every bit of my storage space. I told the ‘engineer’ that I’ll purchase more storage space. Guess what?

You can’t do that now! I’ve purchased extra storage space in times past with no issues. Apparently, WordPress is now forcing it’s users to ‘upgrade’ to the expensive Business Plan to obtain unlimited storage. I told this person that I had just cancelled that plan today as it’s not what I really want. has got me backed into a corner. Since I don’t want the damned Business Plan and can’t purchase more storage, my best option now is to go self-hosted.

Pardon me but what a crock of shit. Purchasing that stupid Business Plan is as far as I know at the moment, roughly the same cost as moving to a self-hosted platform via I’ve self-hosted in years past and am fully aware of what needs to be done behind the scenes to maintain the site, especially keeping your Security and other plug-ins up to date. It’s no biggie but I’m really annoyed that WordPress doesn’t offer a simple space upgrade.

Oh hell no, they’ve become ever-more greedy by forcing people to pay for a more costly plan. Not everyone can or wants to invest three hundred or so dollars into a stupid plan. I’m a power-user I suppose you could say. I upload a lot of video and photo media. And I’m unwilling to remove any of my media! I’ve recently crossed into the 1000+ posts threshold. Nothing will be deleted. Should I have known this was going to happen, I may have kept that plan.

So, if I seem to go away a bit, you know what the scoop is. I hope nothing is lost in the change, especially my friends here, you’ve got my address, it won’t change. I hope this text will post…