The Road Bike

I snapped these photos with the Nikon the same day I snapped the photos of the LVMPD Police near Red Rock canyon. The owner of this bike had removed the final baffle in the exhaust system which you can tell by the gaping hole at the end of the exhaust. It was a bit too loud and didn’t sound tuned.

Guys, these systems are factory tuned for the best performance possible. Removing an important part of this system has likely detuned the performance of this custom exhaust system. You can lose engine power and overall performance by altering the system. But I must plead guilty to this same offense when I was a young man, playing with motorcycles and small engines! Oh man that was a lotta fun!

That 70’s Sign

It looks a bit 1970’s to me because the 70’s were both good and turbulent for yours truly. Darn, wish I had a photo of me in the 1970’s! I had hair, centre-parted hair coupled with a gold-coloured disco shirt made of some weird material. And smooth slacks made of whatever with bell bottoms, or jeans with bell bottoms of course. All in all, school pretty much rocked. High School today? ummmmm By the way, if you’ve messed around with HTML and or Cascading Style Sheet(s) aka CSS, then you may see more in this photo than others. How long has it been since the Drop Shadow code has been used?

Stay groovy baby…