The Diabetic Eye Exam

Once, maybe twice per year I have a diabetic eye exam to be sure I have no broken blood vessels hiding inside my overworked eyeballs. An ounce of prevention is still worth a pound of cure, right? No broken blood vessels! As usual, my eyes must be dilated so that the good doctor can see inside my head, hence these groovy plastic lenses behind my glasses. So sexy baby!

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Back To Disc Golf!

After watching so many people playing disc golf in the linear park behind my apartment complex, I’ve decided to purchase some basic discs and get back into the game. Besides, I need another way to get some exercise! For less than thirty bucks I purchased these three discs. Each disc is a different size, weight and has it’s own unique air foiling properties. A long range Driver, a Midrange disc and a Putter for close-in shots. I’m looking forward to playing again!

There are plenty of courses around Las Vegas and today I found out that there is a course up in Lee Canyon near Mount Charleston. Yeah! It will be a bit cooler up there of course but it’s only 102 degrees here today, much cooler than last week. I may purchase a bag for the discs and to hold those all important drinks. Oh, and the Nikon of course! I will need plenty of practice, I used to play in leagues during the nineteen nineties. I’ll enjoy the challenge though.

These discs are not Frisbees! There is a big difference…

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Diabetic Foot Care

OK, to be bloody honest, I seriously dislike my feet, always have. Since learning in 2002 that I am a Type Two diabetic, I’ve had to pay close attention to my not so attractive feet. Honestly, I find that the human foot can in some cases be the least attractive part of any human body. No, zero foot fetish here, only my opinion.

The photo below is of yours truly gnarly feet. I have recently become tired of the nasty appearance of my feet and have resumed once per month visiting a specific Nail/Foot Spa near to me. This wonderful Korean woman has been the most wonderful person to have taken care of my feet. No cuts, no pain and the most delicate work possible.

Understand that although unrelated, I allow nothing but air to touch my eyes. I am horridly ticklish and let her know. It was easy to work through, and so very much worth the cost and the ten dollar tip for her excellent work. The bottom line here is that it is so very important that you, a Type Two Diabetic to take care of your farthest bodily parts. Much better than an amputation…

Gross foot photo…

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Doctor Visit

Well guess what? My monthly visits to my GP for the BP checkup are going to move to every two months! The list of my BP I’ve been keeping have been too thorough actually, so doctor says just take your BP three times per week, twice per day on those days. Yay! I’m tired of being too thorough anyway. My BP is well controlled now.

More good news! My AIC was 6.5 last time it was checked, and is now 6.6 which is still well within the safe zone for a Type Two Diabetic. Yes!! So my health is stable for now, and I hope that working with my Dietitian will help get my weight down too. No, I won’t tell you what it is but believe me it could be better and much worse too.

So on the way there I took several black & white photos which are below. More Las Vegas photos right? The colour versions will be posted later. I text my dad earlier to share the good news, he is glad for the update. We talked about the gathering of the family on the lake at my sister’s house in Michigan and how I’d like to be there…

But it’s not financially a good thing which sucks but that’s the way it is. I plan on being at my daughter’s delayed wedding reception in August so July will see my ticket purchase, hopefully to get a better price for purchasing ahead of time. August is the hottest month of the year in Michigan usually and of course that humidity! I’ll have photos for you.


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Apples & Oranges

This bowl of fruity goodness below represents a portion of my new diet. You may have read that I visited a Dietitian yesterday to begin getting a solid grasp on my diet. The blood pressure has been insane the last several months and I’m growing weary of the constant need to check it with my little machine.

I’ve purchased some lean chicken and thin sliced pork, plenty of canned and steamable veggies and some lean, low sodium sliced chicken lunch meat. A very radical change to my diet. What was donated to a local charity yesterday? Pasta, pasta sauce, plenty of soups and bread. Carbs and sodium are no longer my buddies!

And then there’s the brew. Like many men, I love an ice cold tallboy of delicious beer. A bit too much lovin’ in that department so the solution was made to switch to a Light beer. Now, historically with me, I despise any beer with the L word in it. they are typically not tasty nor do they contain the higher gravity of alcohol content I prefer.

Well, too bad so sad for me right! I’ve chosen a specific Light beer to try, maybe today or tomorrow. It has very low carbs and calorie content but almost exactly one half the alcohol content. Wimpy! But what about the taste? I’ll find out soon enough but I do like a decent beer buzz when I do crack one open.

Also, I have plans to get back to going to church on a regular basis, since my divorce, my attendance has been sporadic. I need to make the commitment again, as well as possibly getting involved with some Meet Up groups around the valley, I already know there are plenty of us Michiganders in Las Vegas, something in common.

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