Happy Birthday America!

Land that I love, home of the free, land of the brave. 

I have a lot of thoughts and feelings about today and the future of the United States. Mostly that for the first time in eight years, I believe that my country has a chance to regain so much of what was lost during those years of the Obama presidency.

The United States dodged seriously big bullet by not electing Hillary Clinton to the biggest chair in the nation. Sorry, please don’t take this as negative, it’s not meant that way. I’m feeling very positive for our future! Wishing my American friends all have a truly fabulous holiday! God bless you, God bless America.

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Ancient Sea Floor

During the Paleozoic era, the Mojave Desert was covered by a shallow sea, the photo above shows a section of an ancient shoreline pushed up on an angle due to plate tectonic movement over millions of years.

Looking around Red Rock Canyon you will also notice these ancient sea beds still laying horizontal with bright colored lines which are what’s left of ancient sand dunes. This link will give you tons of information on what the desert southwest once looked like millions of years ago. Click the photo.

Drag Boat 1977

During my High School years my father and I traveled the country attending quarter mile drag boat races, the same racing as with car drag racing. The boat still on the trailer was our boat called The Sting, same as the old movie.

The man in the driver chair is not my father, he was Butch Tomczack, the driver for the boat. The man standing in front of the boat is not me, I have no idea who he was, or whom snapped this photo but I’ve always liked this photo.

The boat that is in the water was called Ambush, driven by Billy Vance of Kansas City, Missouri. Our boat was powered by a Blown Alcohol engine. The Ambush was powered by a Blown Fuel engine, both classes are the same engine types as in the auto racing world, but set on a liquid quarter mile.

Both our boars and crews frequently traveled together, making the same stops at hotels and watering holes alike. During these three years from 1977 to 1979, I visited several states, two of which were Arizona and California.

This is when I was forst exposed to the desert southwest, and those memories have been in my little noggin all these decades. I somehow knew I’d return to the desert in the future, although they are two different deserts.

Such great memories of what I see as a better, kinder and gentler world now gone away. It’s not a great idea to let your mind live in the past but this is how I’ve always been. Longing for days that now only exist in photos and video.

Five Years Ago

I received this little image a couple days ago from WordPress. They say I’ve been on WordPress.com five years now. Actually it’s much longer as I’ve had at least one other account as well as two self hosted websites several years ago. In any case, happy anniversary to me haha!