Really Beany Chili

First, I’m not too sure there is a correct spelling for word number two in my title! Regardless, if you’ve followed my meager website for a good bit then you’ll already know that I have a serious love and perhaps a food addiction to Chili.

No, not the Chain restaurant type such as Wendy’s, but true, real chili concocted by you, I and whoever else. Chili is in no way to be associated with a winter time food! Chili isn’t about keeping your ass warm, or your body.

Chili is all about the taste and spice. Is it creamy? Is it smooth? Should Chili be harsh and hot as hell? I say no, rather, spicy yet smooth as possible to the pallet. I’ve considered making soup lately yet somehow I’m drawn back to my beloved Chili.

Try my recipe. If you think it’s too spicy or just plain old shitty, no worries! Make your own pot-o-spicy indigestion!  let me know in the Comments section how many times you’ve farted due to your own guaranteed crock pot-o-farts! TOOT TOOT!!


Yes, Bickies! My mother and I called biscuits Bickies for decades. She and I so loved our Bickies. In baking these tonight it’s kind of like saying mother I miss you so, let’s eat some Bickies and honey together. I hope she’s enjoying a freshly baked batch of Bickies with Jesus tonight. Love, there’s nothing more powerful in our universe. Pure love can defeat anything.