Dry Boners…

I was scanning Twitter this morning while still in bed, and came across this eerie photo of a Roman Era couple still holding hands all these years later. It must have been a hell of a good marriage, right? These two dried up boners need lotion! Screenshot via my iPad Air…

Crick or Creek?

  • Creek: The sound a door may make when it needs lubrication.
  • Crick: A small body of flowing water, not to be confused with a River.

This is the fact, Jack. Where I grew up, there is a very distinct difference between the two.

I’m Finally Somebody!

Just kidding of course but it was fun to get Likes from Jeri L Ryan and Holly Madison today for my comments on they’re Instagram accounts. Yet another reason why I enjoy Instagram so much. I’ve been dinking around on Twitter the last few days, getting a feel for it and have added a Twitter Widget to my sidebar. Twitter is OK, it’s great for the latest news and other things like my favourite BBC programmes and actors. But Instagram is still much more fun! Probably because photography is so much fun!

Puerto Rico, the 51st State?

Scanning through Twitter this afternoon I came across this article on the Puerto Rico vote. The island is very divided. Some see statehood as the only way to solve the many woes the island has had for so long. Others want the island to become an independent nation. Honestly, I’d prefer that the island become it’s own nation for economic reasons. Do Americans need more tax burden? What do my American friends think?