The Farm Car

A true farmer’s car built in America with pride! My friend Dave back in Michigan sent these nine photos to me this morning, they need to be shared! I opted for a Collage presentation this time even though it slightly cropped some of the photos. Not much on tap for today, clean my apartment up a bit and go see the new Alien movie! Click the image for a better view.

Pappa John’s For Lunch!

I have found a new favourite pizza!! I had this same pizza last week and have been wanting another for a couple days now as though the pizza is calling out to me! Come to me, eat me!! There’s a Pappa John’s not too far from home gladly. I chowed this pizza down in my truck in Red Rock Canyon. This pizza is: thin Crust with just two toppings: pepperoni and mushrooms. the thin crust is delicious without making me feel like my already chubby belly is going to burst!

Certainly not the best pizza photo I’ve taken...