Laptop Desktop

Using my iPhone, I snapped a photo of my Mac and then ran it through iColorama on the iPad. A homemade desktop background! Which leads me to say four no apparent reason that a while back I stopped placing a watermark on all of my photos. Why you may ask? Well, partly because I’m lazy as well as a watermark isn’t too tough to remove from most images with basic, simple image altering software. Besides, I can’t find watermark software that’s just simple to use. The lazy photographer!

Post This under Thoughts…

But I’ve now gratefully have over 400 followers and I love each of you for giving up your time to view my humble blog/website if you prefer. One thing that has always hankered me from day one since roughly the year 2000 when I built my first self-hosted website is that some of us for likely various reasons choose to not list the website to which their blog/website is attached to.


I get this. Anything you upload to the internet becomes public property, like it. love it or whatever else. Tough shit, chew harder. The internet can be a dangerous place to play which is why I am very much conscious about what I upload on this tiny and humble website. That said, if you create website/blog then why would you hide behind a username and not share anything about yourself? Your website?

The Cross

I’ve been looking for a new church to attend and seem to have found it. I visited my Dietitian today. Our conversation occasionally goes off topic and us both being Christians, she texted a friend of hers and asked him what church he attended. the reply came and I later this day did my research. Turns out, I got in my truck and drove the short distance from home to this church.

Oddly, one of the Pastors was available and gave me the tour of the entire church and grounds. I was grateful for this and thanked him and another Pastor for their time. It’s been said for ages that God works in mysterious ways. It’s still so true for the believer. iPhone in pocket, I had to snap the photo!

Palms, Puff & Angry Clouds

These photos were all taken today with the Nikon. The B&W version has obviously been tampered with but those dark clouds are real. Monsoon Season is in full swing and we are getting the usual popup afternoon clouds. Hopefully we’ll get that much needed rain today. Oh, I spent $180 bucks to get the damned dents removed from my truck today. I despise dented metal!

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