Hoover Dam Round Three

OK, here’s the programme: The previous four or so posts were lost due to the migration from my website being hosted at WordPress.com to a self hosted website.

Gladly, this is all that was lost, thanks very much to my awesome local web host located right here in beautiful Las Vegas. That said, I’m going to simply continue with round three of a few rounds from my visit to Hoover dam.

So far, so good on my new web host and thanks so very much my friends for your continued support of my meager photo website!

I’ve Moved!

No, not from this web address obviously, but to a self hosting platform. I still use JetPack to stay in touch with you all but the site proper no longer is hosted on WordPress.com.

That said, I’ve got some bugs to work out yet. During the move, all that was lost were my last four days or so of Posts which is minimal and I’m grateful that this is all that was lost.

Could have been much worse! So, thanks for standing with me my friends, I appreciate you all. I’ll also be looking for other themes, this one may be temporary unless I can get the Style Sheet for it. May God bless you and those whom may be trapped inside Hurricane Irma.