The Vegas Flip Flop Tan

Living in the Valley Of The Sun as I love to call Las Vegas Valley, it’s super easy to get a serious Farmer’s Tan. Yet your tootsies can take a serious beating too as my feet did today. My feet stung as I was chatting with the man who was doing the work that I just couldn’t do. I don’t have the equipment nor the chemicals. So it’s very well worth the money paid today to redeem my truck bedliner from two solid years of neglect by the dealer from which I purchased my truck from.

Somewhere on this site I have posted about the two driver door dents that I’ve paid $180.00 dollars to be removed at a local dent removal business which were both present at the time of delivery but never noticed until well after delivery of the truck. And so it was with the ugly Sun Screen on the windows, now both removed and replaced. And now, the cost of cleaning the plastic Bed Liner has been roughly one third of the price of the replacement cost of the window tinting.

At this point I must factually state that as a former boat owner in my home state of Michigan that a boat is not unlike a hole into…

The water which many a boat owner has poured far too much money. There doesn’t seem to be too much difference between Maritime ownership and good old Land Lover times… At least my feet aren’t burnt so bad that they sting. Gladly, I’ll take sunburned tootsies over seriously frozen tootsies during my youth in Michigan, any old hot and sunny day. Please stay toned and tuned for my future posts…


Yes, Bickies! My mother and I called biscuits Bickies for decades. She and I so loved our Bickies. In baking these tonight it’s kind of like saying mother I miss you so, let’s eat some Bickies and honey together. I hope she’s enjoying a freshly baked batch of Bickies with Jesus tonight. Love, there’s nothing more powerful in our universe. Pure love can defeat anything.