University Medical Centre

The UMC is one of several hospitals in Las Vegas Valley. Three years ago I had a driving job using my own car in which I would shuttle blood, medical documents and other items STAT as they say. It’s got to be done quickly. I’ve been inside this hospital of course and it’s a nice place as hospitals go. But who wants to be there except the employees, right?

I’ve absolutely no plans this three day holiday except of course for the afore mentioned professional cleaning or restoration of my truck’s plastic bed liner. Isn’t my life just so busy and fast paced? And it’s just the way I want it! I hope my American friends will all have a fun and safe Labour Day weekend. Photo is from the Nikon and the 70-300mm lens.

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A Dirty Bed…

Truck bed that is! Tomorrow I take the truck to a shop where the plastic will be professionally cleaned and restored. I’ve probably mentioned that the tuck sat on the lot too long with desert dust, water, evaporation and continually baking the dirt on the plastic. Instead of a cover for the bed, I’m going to leave it open and replace the steel wheels with genuine General Motors aluminum wheels at some point, not a cheap venture! I’ve no plans for this holiday weekend as I’m here by myself. But that’s OK, I’m rarely bored! How’s about you? Do you have big plans in the works?

I’ll upload photos of the refreshed bed soon

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