Last Night’s Kitchen Adventure

Yum! I love to cook chicken and beef but last night I had some newly thawed chicken that needed cooking. I sliced the breasts in half for faster cooking, seasoned them with the usual things that you can see in one of the photos, keep it simple. I cooked these slowly to hopefully avoid drying them out which they didn’t using Olive Oil. I purchased some nice new pans and a couple other things yesterday at Ikea which I hadn’t planned on doing but what the heck. I’d never been in an Ikea store before.

I was blown away by all of the stuff in that magnanimous building! I actually got a bit lost in there and couldn’t find where I’d entered the building! Oh, wait a sec, those blue signs over my head give directions! Duh. I never made it to the upper deck of the store, by the time I’d selected my items, my lower back and bum muscles were going spastic. Thanks, I appreciate that you three herniated Lower Lumbar discs! Well, the chicken was delicious and also made a dandy breakfast this morning. Yum!

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