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Here are just fourteen photos of many more I snapped today with the Nikon. It’s been such a fantastic day, there’s no way I’m gonna be a couch potato all day! I drove southbound to the south end of the valley, then returned home via Charleston Boulevard as it passes through Red Rock Canyon. To be clear, Red Rock Canyon proper as I understand it, lies inside the BLM area which is a U.S. Fee area. Want in, you gotta pay but locals get a slight discount as we do in other places in Las Vegas.

Actually, the BLM is responsible for maintaining the entire area around the canyon. It’s the normal thing to see both the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police cruising the canyon as well as the Park Rangers. I’ve never seen an NSP car out there though, even after living here for four years. Those park rangers carry as much authority as the NSP and BLM police. By the way, if you love to drive well over the speed limits, don’t do that in the canyon! They hide in perfect places to bust you!

I had just passed Blue Diamond, rounded the long sweeping corner and crested the hill. Guess who was waiting in plain sight this time? Yep, a park ranger pickup truck. Such a great spot to wait as he is at the bottom of a small hill on the canyon floor, there’s no way you’ll see him until your directly in his radar gun sight. Your busted! But the speed limit of fifty miles per hour is the same all the way through this seven or eight mile drive. Why? Best guess: most drivers will drive fifty five MPH.

Anyway, not much on tap for tomorrow except that I am considering taking a drive to the east side of the Strip and looking around that area of the valley. I’m familiar with the northeast but not so much the southeast area and the Lake Las Vegas area. Then I would drive to Hoover Dam. I haven’t been down there in at least two months. Regardless of having been there a few times, I’m always awe struck when walking atop this massive structure, built with technology decades old. Impressive!

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