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Hey all, thanks for stoppin’ by! It’s been a great day today, sunny and one hundred degrees! I purchased two nice pictures for my bare ass walls today, finally. Much more ‘homey’. It took no less than four stops to finally find pictures that I both like and were in my price range, decent wall art ain’t cheap! I finally got all the iPhone photos uploaded from my Michigan trip last week,and have moved back to my Nikon D3300. Much better! Hope you like this next batch, happy weekend to you!

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  1. John (said sternly but kidding all the same) you are a FANTASTIC photographer. Why on earth wouldn’t you use some of your own awesome work, frame it, and hang it up on those walls? Cher xo

          1. There are places online like that you can have your photos enlarged and will look amazing. There are also places you can go that let you frame the pic yourself at their shop but they help you! Saves money!

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