Car Names…

I used to own a Nissan until recently and traded way up to a GMC truck. But lets please get the name correct shall we?

According to my English, the name Nissan should be pronounced as “Nissan”.

Not as “Kneesan”.

Yeah, it’s goofy but I do insist that American English adhere as closely as possible to British English. Since we kicked England to the curb which I believe was not a smart decision regardless of my knowledge of the many reasons why this occurred, why did our English have to go down the crapper? Consider the word “Like”. I mean like, why has this one word like totally taken over or language?

Can you like understand what I mean? Like seriously??

Near & Far

A couple clicks of the Stratosphere from yesterday. I used the Nikon and the 70-300mm zoom to get these while stopped at one of the many traffic lights on Las Vegas Boulevard. I really like these two images, nice and clear with good details. You’ll be seeing some different photos here for the next few days, and less frequent posts, so please stick around my friends! Click a pic for a better look.

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Photos With The Prime Lens

Just four photos from my ride to the Sporting Goods store to purchase a tiny Butane Fired camping stove so I can cook outdoors for a change. Kind of a silly purchase really but I can guarantee you that this little stove can heat up the pan and cook the food far faster than any electric stove! The burgers were delicious. I season the hell out of my beef and chicken delicacies!

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