Sun Goddess

I adore and so love the seventies music by Earth Wind and Fire and Ramsey Lewis music. I still hear today these songs when I was yet a fourteen year old very young man…

The Saxophone and Bass Guitar just blow me away…

UPDATE: I have deleted the old video which was hosted by YouTube and have added the video to my own hosting. Piss off, YouTube. At certain points in this video, I can sense that I’m almost back in the mid 1970’s in Junior High School as Americans call this…

Around Town Today

Hi all! I’ve got some random photos here, and later a few shots from my drive down the Vegas Strip today as well. I hope your not bored with mostly photography on my site.

I do have opinions and thoughts on many topics like anyone else, but many of them may be taken as angry, and politics are a good way to drive followers away right?

Please tell me what you would like to see on this blog,

I’d really like to know. More of this or less of that? I appreciate your thoughts!

Maybe I should rebrand the site as a photography blog eh… But PLEASE READ about the dying children who mine the raw materials for these ‘green’ batteries. Did Mr. Ford really have a better idea in terms of car crash deaths? And do the tree huggers really have a better idea?

To Hell with Climate Religion.

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The Hand Washing Station

My father works on his antique autos frequently which is why he installed this nice hand washing station a few years ago. The mailbox is used as storage for paper towel and soap to keep it out of the rains. Two photo versions! I hope you all had a dandy weekend, today I’m heading for a new parking spot close to the airport today to try shooting photos from a different angle. Thanks, Google Earth for showing me this new place I hadn’t noticed before.

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