Vegas Traffic…

While sometimes difficult to deal with, our traffic jams here in beautiful Las Vegas are absolutely nothing as compared to the daily lunacy that goes on in many places in California. I’ve been there (So-Cal) and lived to tell the tale! My ex wife was born in Orange County California and left the state because of the horrid traffic, taxes and nutter drivers. A solid choice. Sorry, no attack is inferred here…

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Near The Stratosphere Tower

My CPAP mask blew out last night so today I had to purchase a replacement as it’s tough for me to sleep without it. Gosh darn sleep apnea! The store was fairly close to the north end of the Strip so the Stratosphere Tower was close. I had the Nikon handy with the 70-300mm lens on it so I was able to get a very good zoom into the top of the tower. Would you or have you rode that crazy spinning ride atop the tower? There’s no way in hell I’d ride that thing! But I was up top just once, a beautiful view!

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The Happy Sky

Such a common sight over Las Vegas Valley, something I never tire of. Well, next week my fifteen year old tattoo will be getting a colour refresh, I’m looking forward to it being restored to looking it’s best again. Do you have any tattoos? Did it hurt getting inked? I know mine stung like hell, getting a tattoo isn’t for the faint of heart! I’ll post a photo… By the way, this site hasn’t made it to self-hosting yet, the way WordPress is built is making the move much more difficult. Thanks, WordPress…

Waiting For My Truck Retint

My truck windows are being retinted today, they were damaged from day one, not my fault. Yay for warranty work! So now they can be retinted as they were all scratched up. I’ve been told by the man doing the work that it is indeed the desert sands that are scratching the shit out of my tinting.

Great eh? Such is desert life, so now I basically can’t roll my windows down but rarely or the new tint will be ragged out again. That really sucks it because I really like the wind on my face. Also, I chose 35% tinting but changed my mind once I got to the Bar-Restaurant I’m hanging at until it’s done.

I wanted to go with 40% but it was too late, the material had already been cut! I’m bummed!

I snoozed I loozed. The flip side is that the 40% makes seeing people on sidewalks and such after dark more difficult to see which of course isn’t a good thing. And, the police may write you a ticker for the 40% shading as 35% is the legal limit in Nevada. I guess this just balances itself out?

Anyway, here are a couple shots from my current location, great food and hot babes!