Agave’ Dots

I’ve posted this scene before but this is a different angle. This scene begged to be photographed with the iPhone! Speaking of iPhone, I was in Downtown Summerlin today at the Apple Store trying to turn off that damned Two Step Authentication. It had me locked into a loop in that the verification codes sent to me were always wrong, if they were sent at all.

Long and grumpy story short, as alway the good folks at this location figured the situation out and I was able to close down that function. The gal who helped me acknowledged that there have been issues with this for a while now. What prompted me to enable the Two Step was when very recently Apple released some nice updates for my new MacBook Pro.

I was offered the choice to enable and took it as I also use Two Step for Gmail and this website during logins. But it turned out to be a really bad choice on the iPhone and iPad. Got an iPhone? Stay away from the Two Step Verification. Such a beautiful day today, I’m going to take a long and hot walk in a bit, after eating two huge slices of pizza downtown!

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Monsoonal Clouds Over The Spring Mountains

Three quickies with the Nikon from today. The next few days will supposedly bring us more rain to Las Vegas Valley, I sure hope so! I really miss those soaking Thunderstorms in Michigan. But not the snow. I had a nice chat with my upstairs neighbour lady this afternoon, her and her boyfriend are from Montana and have been here for a couple years. They are considering moving back north as the Vegas summers seem to be too much for these Yanks. But I’m a Yank too but one who loves the desert heat.

I hope they don’t move as they have been good neighbours for a year now, even with two active dogs. I uploaded a video earlier today of the storms drifting very slowly eastward, it was nice to ear the thunder which isn’t audible on the video. I really want one of these gully washers to dump rain on my place! I hope you like the photos.  😆

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