Spherical Smog


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    1. Interesting point, Katherine. I’ve never seen that happen here but did see it as a gnarly layer on the hood of cars in California, near LA. You can actually blow a gentle breath across and see it wisp up in a tiny gross brownish colour. Nasty!!

  1. Indeed!! Going through the little mountains really makes the engines work hard. I used to drive fairly good size rigs from Michigan to Florida twice per year.

            1. uhg – PCism is another plague. I find I must filter myself sometimes in talking with people, I am not politically correct and never will be. Example – some Greens have actually called for a law to be created that would put people like me behind bars because I am what they call a Climate Denier. Really? Sounds like a dictatorship. Thought police. Smog is gross, it’s an ugly color floating over the Strip here and it’s horrid for you.

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