Some say that Pork is the other white meat. I agree and I’ve always loved the stuff. Lower in fat than beef and so many ways to cook it and incorporate it into other foods. I usually plop a couple slabs into the fry pan and get it done quickly. Today I fired up the oven which I rarely use, to get the flavor a bit different. Yum!

This was a five pack so why not cook ’em all up at once? I don’t have a proper pan for cooking these many pieces at once so I used aluminum foil on top of a pizza tray. I love pizza! This make-do pan worked just fine. And the meat was moist and tender. I considered cooking them longer but doing so until the tops brown would have dried them out.

In other fabulous news from me, it’s bloody freaking hot outside my apartment!! Our Excessive Heat Warning will continue into this weekend, it’s even over one hundred degrees in Central California, not some I’ve seen since living on the west coast. It’s 105.5 degrees on my patio. It’s a comfy seventy five inside. Thank God for air conditioning!!


I took my usual walk this morning, the full length walk, not an abbreviated walk like yesterday. Wow, it was a tough walk! Maybe not too smart either since I have heart issues and high blood pressure. But I felt fine once back inside where I’m currently hibernating. Which leads me to another thought. Several days ago I purchased a supplement called Garcinia Cambogia. I cleared taking this supplement with my doctor before using it.

Well, I tied two ropes together here. The other day, I noted that my BP had spiked, sharply and wouldn’t go down regardless of my medications. I noticed again today the same spike in blood pressure. I did further research on this supplement and found that it indeed can spike your blood pressure and possibly counter the effects of your prescribed medications. Bingo! It also can directly interact with one specific medication I take daily.

I’m disappointed with my doctor and have made numerous notations in my blood pressure log I keep for his and my benefit. We’ll have a chat. All I can do now is wait for the supplement to pass through me like a filtre. Wish me luck, hope I don’t kick the bucket because of a supplement!! Just kidding….

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