Bye Bye, PopSci!

As some of you know, I have a very strong dislike (putting this mildly) of any form of advertising. I do understand the many reasons why advertising exists, but this doesn’t mean that I have to like advertising in it’s many ugly forms. We can’t visit any medium, Television, Radio and of course the internet without being blasted visually and audibly with advertising.

Since I’ve recently jumped on the Twitter Train and have been enjoying it very much for the major amount of news and funny things to see among so much more, I’ve ‘muted’ several annoying sites both for the content as well as those ridiculous ads. But one website which I very much like called Popular Science has to go. Great content. But those ads!!

Good Lord. Every few pixels you scroll will bring ad after ad, full page ads that you are forced to close in order to be able to continue reading. Then the annoying, flashing and noisy videos. I finally had enough today and have unfollowed them which they probably don’t give a crap about. But I had to make my thoughts known. Below is a copy and paste of the not nasty email I sent to the webmaster. What more can any average user on the internet do? Ad blockers are a fail…

I’ve recently jumped aboard the Twitter train. I follow many websites of various types but I must tell someone at your company how bloody annoyed I am every time visit your site. The constant, neverending and overly aggressive advertisements that continually pop pop pop up up up really tick me off. I’ve had enough. I will unfollow your website today, really sad because the site has so much great information. I have a website, ads are strictly forbidden, I don’t want to tick off my readers.
Thank you for your time.

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  1. I guess I cant say too much here John as on some of my more popular posts I have some ads as well. I try to keep it minimal but it does help cover the costs of running a self hosted web site. I try not to be to spammy with it but am aware it can be irritating.

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