Crick or Creek?

  • Creek: The sound a door may make when it needs lubrication.
  • Crick: A small body of flowing water, not to be confused with a River.

This is the fact, Jack. Where I grew up, there is a very distinct difference between the two.

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4 Responses

  1. And then there is rill and brook and many more for water. Your post is an example of why standardized tests are culturally biased which is something the white establishment in education seems unable to understand. Miami Dade County is now 80% minority and 55% foreign born. Just geographically speaking few would know what a creek, crick or rill is. Some might know brook but anything else beside stream would be unknown. If the test answer was “wrench” , Caribbean English calls that a “spinner” and they would certainly not know “wrench” my back or understand why the word means two different unrelated things. Native born would not know “autumn” as neither would speakers of Caribbean English as that is “fall”.

  2. It was very confusing in my house because my father’s family was from Missouri, where it was a crick, and my mother’s family was from Scotland, then Colorado, where it was a creek. I bend toward creek myself.

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