And It’s Been A while…

This video sums well the days and year since my divorce. I claim no right of ownership to the video. It’s been both a painful journey as well as a triumphant year for me. Do we have any choice but to move forward to go with our lives? No. Rule the pain or it rules you.

Crick or Creek?

  • Creek: The sound a door may make when it needs lubrication.
  • Crick: A small body of flowing water, not to be confused with a River.

This is the fact, Jack. Where I grew up, there is a very distinct difference between the two.


Two versions of this airbrush image that was gifted to me around 1996. The cropped version without the custom wood frame let’s you read more of the details. If you believe in Jesus as Lord, this image will please you. It’s 109 degrees just now, too hot for me to be outdoors for very long but I did manage a couple brief walks earlier today. Click a photo for a better view.


Sunday Mornings

Happy Father’s Day to all you daddy’s out there! My very peaceful Sunday morning is well under way with breakfast and a cuppa the good stuff. Nothing on tap for the day except maybe clean my truck interior and wipe the outside down. Our forecast for today is for one hundred nine degrees with a light breeze. My AC is already up and running! I made this image this morning with the iPad Air then processed with iColorama. Have a fabulous day!