Canyon Cruise

A ride west on Charleston Blvd heading toward the cliffs of Red Rock Canyon. RRC proper is within the federal fee area on the Scenic Loop road which is several miles long and sometimes incredibly congested, hence you never see anything here on my site from there. I dislike big crowds. Such as the Strip!

Call me cheap but I don’t want to pay the entrance fee to go there yet in the past I’ve had some dandy hikes from that area. A photo or video just won’t ever reveal to you on my site how huge and deep Red Rock Canyon proper actually is. Anyway, a quick video. Hope your weekend will be great!

Bored Horses

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be in an animal body briefly? The horses for example. All they do is stand around all day, eat, drink and poop/pee. They have the appearance of being utterly bored to death almost. What a boring life they have, yet they worry for nothing I expect. Including paying bills and taxes! 😬😜 It’s almost 103 degrees outside just now and 85 inside. I don’t use the air conditioning… $$$