I’m Finally Somebody!

Just kidding of course but it was fun to get Likes from Jeri L Ryan and Holly Madison today for my comments on they’re Instagram accounts. Yet another reason why I enjoy Instagram so much. I’ve been dinking around on Twitter the last few days, getting a feel for it and have added a Twitter Widget to my sidebar. Twitter is OK, it’s great for the latest news and other things like my favourite BBC programmes and actors. But Instagram is still much more fun! Probably because photography is so much fun!

While Heading Toward The Strip

Howdy! I had reason to head down near the Strip earlier today and decided to get a few photos with the Nikon in black and white directly from the camera. They are unaltered with the exception of a mild sharpening and slight tone adjustment. I rarely visit this area of Las Vegas where Tropicana and Flamingo roads almost meet with the Fifteen Freeway which paralells the Vegas Strip in close proximity. Taking a trip like this causes me to realise again just how big Las Vegas is as compared to my home town back up north in Michigan.

Some days I miss that countryside…