Hunting For Armor All

I constantly see the same TV commercial for Armor All Wipes. they come in either wax wipe or just a wipe if I understand the commercial correctly. As much as I dislike advertising in any form, this one got my attention for quick wipe downs on my truck. Since I live alone and nobody will complain, my TV is always muted during any commercial.

I got the same response from two different auto parts stores, two different companies. No gots! So what good is the commercial? And I’m not the first person in either store asking for them. Whatever, guess I’ll use my usual wipes. I grabbed these photos with the Nikon and the Prime lens attached. Such a fast lens!

Three Drinker

Well, my wonderful bicycle is back home, have bike will ride! On my ride today I went through a school playground since the gate was open. I’ve never seen a drinking fountain like this and used the iPhone7 and the Lenka application for this photo. It was just a thirty minute ride with ninety degrees air temperature, and sixteen percent humidity. Nice! going to make me get off that couch for an everyday ride now! Couch Potato.

Three Drinker, not to be confused with Free Thinker!